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Stefan Hard is on a mission to shag slutty council estate mums. It’s a dirty job. But somebody has to do it.

Crystal is a chavvy blonde who does the lot. She services his packet and takes a face full of sperm with a smile.

Olga gets back from collection her benefits and Stefan slips her his monster cock. The chavvy slut loves it up her. A messy facial at the end.

Busty mum Tanya is working as a cleaner in a club. But a break from her chores to let Stefan plunder her well used love hole.

The owner of a sleazy club wants Stefan to shag the arse of his hory benefits-cheat missus Scarlett. The horny redhead is as common as much and twice as dirty!

Trailers trash slut Sasha drinks beer and smokes a fag as Stefan pumps her pussy. “Will you take me to Primark later” she asks!

The slutiest birds in the UK get their holes hammered by the aptly named Mr. Hard in the filthiest amateur sex series around!

Stars: Sasha, Scarlet, Olga, Stefan Hard, Tanya Cox, Crystal Pink

Scummy Mummy’s XXX

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