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Big Ass Transx Winkers 2

Video: Big Ass Transx Winkers 2

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Zero pussies, nine cocks! All new T-girls show you what fat ass tranny winking is all about! This is their first time on camera and they are doing it all! They play with their huge gaping assholes and they hope that you’re watching as they get their asses fucked with dildos! The dildos aren’t the only things around claiming to be a big penis, these trannies are well-endowed themselves! Once they start, they just can’t stop teasing and showing you their big tranny asses!

Stars: Sabrina (TVTS), Marcela (TVTS), Nancy (TVTS), Laura (TVTS), Olinda (TVTS), Reina (TVTS), Liliana (TVTS), Naty (TVTS), Palma (TVTS)

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