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Cheating With Black Cock

Video: Cheating With Black Cock

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Burning Angel Entertainment
Burning Angel presents Cheating With Black Cock, featuring Draven Star and Taurus’ first interracial scenes! These married women have a deep, DARK secret; they’re addicted to big black cock! That ring on their finger won’t stop them from feeding their BBC addiction!

Stars: Draven Star, Taurus (i), Nikki Hearts, Kendra Cole, Jon Jon, Prince Yahshua, Moe Johnson, Isiah Maxwell

Good Little Girl

Video: Good Little Girl

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Pretty Dirty

This is the story of what happens when a good girl meets a bad influence! In what has been called one of the most perverse scripts ever written for adult, AVN-nominated directors Bree Mills and Stills By Alan return with their latest Pretty Dirty feature, Good Little Girl. This 5-part saga is guaranteed to take the popular family roleplay genre to a whole new level of depravity!

Bookworm (Piper Perri) is an honor student who lives alone with her stepfather (Steven St. Croix), a successful businessman who single-handedly raised the girl since her mother passed away at a young age. The two have an inseparable bond, brought together by love and devotion. Their world suddenly changes when the Bookworm meets Charity (Jessa Rhodes), a runaway who enchants the good girl, and then proceeds to tear her family apart! Also featuring Chad White, Good Little Girl is a must-see for fans of Pretty Dirty’s taboo and edgy storyline-driven content. You won’t want to miss this ending!

Good Little Girl Part One: Good little girl Bookworm (Piper Perri) has sheltered herself her whole life! she wouldn’t dare do anything that could be considered irresponsible, or bad. Her step-father (Steven St. Croix) vowed never to give up on her when her mother died. But today their worlds will be turned upside down by a sly runaway, who sweeps through their lives like a sex hungry tornado. Charity (Jessa Rhodes) is found rooting through their garbage as Bookworm is on her way out the door to her test. Charity quickly becomes Bookworm’s best friend, as they tour the mansion. But when Charity learns that Bookworm hasn’t ever been bad, she seduces her newest toy into doing the naughtiest thing she can think of corrupting her with. Lesbian sex on her stepdad’s bed! Charity peels Bookworm’s teeny body out of her teen clothing, and gets to work blowing the teen’s mind with a lesbian display of sexual fire. As Charity crawls onto Bookworm’s cute little mouth to ride her virgin tongue, Daddy comes home to find them fucking on his bed, shocked to see the lesbian display, confused by his perverted thoughts creeping against the inside of his dress pants. Charity notices him, and shows him that she doesn’t care, she’s here to get what she wants.

Good Little Girl Part Two: ‘Do onto other as you would have them do onto you,’ has been hammered into Bookworm’s head from a very early age. Today she’s had a chance to put that wonderful mantra to use. At the dinner table, Mr. Chase waits on his good little girl, and her new friend, as if he’s already welcomed Charity into the exclusive fold of their family. As Bookworm recounts Charity’s troubling story, Charity earns her stay by giving Mr. Chase a hand job under the glass table in front of his daughter! Later as Bookworm nestles into the arms of her surrogate mother and best lesbian friend, Charity slips away once again to Mr Chase’s bedroom to continue earning her keep. She seduces him as he apologizes to his dead wife, relishing every perfect inch of her rough and tough body to the accompaniment of her seductive moans. She takes his stiff thick cock into her gagging deepthroat while he plays with her ass, hopeful to enter her slutty pussy, and end his vow of celibacy. when the deed is done, shame enters his mind as he pants to keep up with her dirty sexual act.

Good Little Girl Part Three: Bookworm has noticed a lot of changes since Charity showed up. And even though having Charity as her new big sister, she’s a tad jealous of the way Mr. Chase looks at Charity the way he used to look at her Momma. Charity, being the master scheme specialist she is, intends on rustling some leaves. She devises a plan to get Bookworm laid by her stepdad’s business partner, Roger. He turns out to be the perfect bait too! He’s a dumb guy with his brain on his dick, and the perfect potential pawn for her scheme of reciprocal jealousy. Bookworm gets her schoolgirl makeover and goes to seduce her first boy ever, and Roger takes the bait! Bookworm asks him to give her the sex talk, and with a little coaxing Bookworm convinces Roger to let her touch his penis. He is clearly uncomfortable, but her sweet charm and her good little schoolgirl outfit, he can’t resist, kissing her and playing with her tiny body as she stuffs his massive cock into her mouth. Unable to resist what’s already begun, he peels off her teen panties and sticks his tongue into her warm and sweet shaved pussy. As Bookworm begs roger to take it easy, roger continues to tear her tiny teen virgin pussy with his massive thick cock, splitting her in two, all while Charity takes video evidence on her phone to use for later!

Good Little Girl Part Four: Charity seems to have the whole scheming process drawn out in her mind, like this isn’t the first family she’s screwed with, literally. She knows that Mr. Chase has some deep dark secrets, and the evidence she got from Bookworm’s visit to poor uncle Roger’s house proves to her, the fact that he wished it was him taking bookworm’s virginity! When she presents the evidence to Mr. Chase, he becomes infuriated, almost acting out against Roger, but Charity seizes the moment playing his fears and rage to her advantage, stealing a good hard rough fuck from the raging Daddy and his stiff boner. She whips out his cock in the middle of his office, and screws his brains out right there on his desk, taking every inch of his cock inside of her wet slutty pussy, begging to be treated the way she deserves. After releasing on her beautiful ass, he threatens the worst, as he kicks her to the curb.

Good Little Girl Part Five: Charity is back at her scheme, regardless of Mr. Chase’s threats. She knows his deepest darkest secret, and soon, Bookworm will too. Charity puts on a display for Bookworm, accusing her stepdad of attacking her, but bookworm knows she needs to find out the truth for herself. She barges into her stepdad’s room, to find him in the midst of blowing his load all over her mother’s photograph. She falls to her knees hoping the accusations can’t be true, and Mr. Chase just stands there with his throbbing empty cock hanging inches from her pretty little face as he sets the record straight. He teaches Bookworm not only that Charity has been up to no good, but that she was right. When he saw them having lesbian sex, and then Charity’s video of Roger taking his good little girl’s virginity with his massive cock, he wished that it was him instead, experiencing those naughty things, and witnessing his good little girl become a woman. Bookworm inches closer to her daddy’s cock, asking if good little girl’s kiss it with their little teeny mouths. Mr. Chase, just can’t resist telling her that it’s exactly what he wants. With all the buildup he’s had this whole time, and with his freshly deflowered girl inches from his throbbing cock they inevitably seal the deal. Bookworm takes her daddy’s cock deep in her throat while he moans in pleasure, knowing his sin will inevitably end up in full blown daddy daughter sex. But when Charity shows up to manage the whole situation, no one can resist the intense pleasures to cum, even if it ends in hours of therapy…and an accident that will shock the nation.

Stars: Jessa Rhodes , Piper Perri, Steven St. Croix, Chad White

Teen Sex Dolls 2

Video: Teen Sex Dolls 2

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Skow For Girlfriends Films
It’s pussy time, and we’re introducing some of the freshest sluts that you’ve every laid your horny eyes on! 4 plus hours of unbelievable footage including 4 hot solo scenes and 4 wild sex scenes with some of the hottest teen sex dolls you’ll ever see. Sometimes a girl just needs to get fucked!

Stars: Teanna Trump , Kasey Warner, Gina Valentina, Cece Capella , Bill Bailey, Seth Gamble, Chad White

Thick And Juicy Volume 3

Video: Thick And Juicy Volume 3

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Immoral Productions
Nobody wants to fuck a skinny girl, who feels like a box kite made of balsa wood and canvas. They want curvy, hot girls with some extra meat in all the right places! Porno Dan and the boys run roughshod on the soft supple flesh of theses ladies and leave a little extra cream on their stomachs on the way out!

Stars: Maggie Green, Chelsey Lanette, Melissa May, Nikki Dream, Lanie Morgan, Juan Hernandez, Mark Zane, Porno Dan, David Loso

Black Fuckers Volume 5

Video: Black Fuckers Volume 5

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Eye Candy
Armani Manae, Dutchess, Lyla Jordan and Marie Leone want hung studs to cum and get down and dirty with some big booty duty! Isiah Maxwell and Jay Crew don’t mind answering these horny divas every demand! Watch them use their divine bodies, hungry mouths and eager fuckholes to catch a hard shaft and moan with every pump in four orgasm inducing scenes! No matter if it’s missionary, doggy-style or cowgirl positions; they’re gonna milk that cock to the very last drop.

Stars: Armani Manae, Dutchess, Marie Leone, Lila Jordan, Jay Crew, Isiah Maxwell

Chick Pass Amateurs Volume 39

Video: Chick Pass Amateurs Volume 39

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T&A Studios
Chick Pass Amateurs are back for more homemade hardcore action. This volume features our more of our cock loving wives, including sex scenes with chubby Latina MILF Dolly Naught and petite brunette Cleo Leroux, blowjobs with Naomi St. Claire and Cleo, and masturbation videos with Dolly and Naomi.

Stars: Naomi St. Claire, Cleo Leroux, Dolly Naught, Logan Drake

Brat Girls Classics 66

Video: Brat Girls Classics 66

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Kinky Europe Productions
Brat Girls Classics returns with Mia Anderson starring in some merciless Femdom action. Mistress Mia wants her feet worshipped by her slave, who is overjoyed to obey his beautiful goddess. Mia and a friend tickle him as a reward for his obeisance, and even give him the privilege of pleasuring her for a brief amount of time. These scenes are not to be missed.

Stars: Mia Anderson

Soldier’s Bitch

Video: Soldier's Bitch

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When in the military prohibited territory, there’s a chance that you’ll get caught by patrol at any moment. These exotic chicks know exactly what the punishment is for such a deviation. These soldiers know no mercy. Their cocks are beyond their control. These soldiers will penetrate any tight pussy and anus that gets in the way of their patrol.

Stars: Christine, Katrin, Christa, Lora, Jack, Peter, Horst, Philip Dean

Amateurs Exposed 559

Video: Amateurs Exposed 559

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Welcome to another exciting edition of Amateurs Exposed! And luckily for you, this particular installment features a sensational looking brunette that will be sure to steal your heart! She might be an amateur, but there’s no doubt she could be a huge star! If you’re a fan of the previous editions of Amateurs Exposed, you’re going to love this one too!

Bad Girls 35 – Rumble In The Jungle

Video: Bad Girls 35 - Rumble In The Jungle

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Within tiny panties, there are wild jungles hidden from the naughty eyes of seekers, waiting for great Conquistadors, to be discovered. If we look in the trousers of Nadja, Frenchwoman Sofie and pisser Luise, you’ll find everything to suit your needs! Remember they’re ready to do anything for your enjoyment.

Stars: Sofie, Luise, Nadja

Girl Play 3 Some

Video: Girl Play 3 Some

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At Home Horny Productions
Two English ladies are sitting in the living-room, drinking wine, watching porn and getting to know one another. They clearly have chemistry with one another, and soon start to make out, undress and explore each other’s bodies. After they get going, their male friend joins in making for a very sexy threesome.

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx

Bella Gets Tickled and Cums

Video: Bella Gets Tickled and Cums

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Desert Wind Videos
Bella, agreed to appear in a non-sexual tickling video we were shooting for a private client. The client liked her quiet cute MILF looks and chose her themselves. We did some studio stills to use for a box cover. The old photographer was kind of surprised when he saw she did not have any panties on under her first outfit, a short blue dress. She then modeled a really hot swimming outfit. She kept pulling the top of her outfit down to show off her tits. She said she wanted the private client to really enjoy the video. We told her again that it was a non-sexual tickling video. We guess she did not get the non-sexual part. The tickling part went as expected. The old guy used all the tickling tools he had, fingers, feathers, brushes and of course, the electric toothbrush. She was VERY ticklish and the old man soon had all her clothes off and tickling away. This turned out to be a very good tickling video, just what the client wanted. It was just over one hour, just what the client wanted. At the end of the tickling Bella asked if she could use her vibrator and that we could film it if we wanted. OMG, over an HOUR of masturbation, she would not quit. We finally told her we had run out of memory on the camera cards and she had to stop. We told the client what had happened and he said he would buy the masturbation portion of the video too and allowed us to allow the full video to be displayed to the public. A big thank you to our private client and of course to Bella.

Stars: Bella Barbee, The Old Man

Mr. Skin’s Favorite Nude Scenes Of 1994

Video: Mr. Skin's Favorite Nude Scenes Of 1994

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Mr. Skin

Some people remember 1994 as the year Tanya Harding had Nancy Kerrigan whacked with a baton, but skin fans were whacking their batons to the plethora of bare celebs onscreen. So get your weapon ready for Mr. Skin’s Favorite Nude Scenes – 1994.

Family Ties star Meredith Baxter brought out her mamily ties for a lucky dude playing a Dr. to exam in My Breast, A bevy of babes is posing nude but Elle Macpherson’sfine full frontal is superhumanly spectacular in Sirens, Dana Delany shows moist muff and mams emerging from a skinny dip before her equally nude pal gives her a robe in Exit to Eden, Mädchen Amick’s mouthwatering mounds are exposed in bed before she gets out to bare her impressive duff and fort bushy in Dream Lover, Teri Hatcher will turn you into a man of steel when you see her spectacular suckers in The Cool Surface, Kim Basinger displays her chest bombs, glorious glutes, and even a bit of furry pie while humping away with Alec Baldwin in The Getaway, Jane March serves up a steak and her own Grade A sweater meat to Bruce Willis in Color of Night, Underwater mermaid Jane March bares bearded clam, boobs, and buns while skinny-dipping in Color of Night, Mimi Rogers’scolossal cans come out to play as she gets banged like a cheap gong in Killer, Shannon Whirrygets her wobblers groped on a bed before peeling off her panties for two dudes benefit in Animal Instincts II, Linda Kozlowskilikes it rough and we like her perfect jiggly jugs in Backstreet Justice, Emmanuelle Seignerdribbles cream all over her milk sacks then has her man licks it all off before she goes down to get some of his froth in Bitter Moon, Pouty-mouthed babe Gabrielle Anwarwrithes around on a stretcher giving a good look at her little lickers in Body Snatchers, Kari Wuhrerdelivers a long visit with the titties during a sex session with Lou Diamond Phillips in Boulevard, Erika Eleniakis handcuffed to the bed but her tremendous tatas are delightfully free in Chasers, Madeleine Stowe takes off her dress to reveal her dainty rackage and a hint of furburger in China Moon, Jane March lets a toy tank explore the sandy dunes of her full frontal form in Color of Night, Naked Tiendra Demian rubs her hands over every inch of her lesbi-friend Krista Allenin Emmanuelle in Space: One Last Fling, Sandra Hessbares her bouncy buoys during a skinny-dip the bodacious booty when she emerges from the water in Endangered, Priscilla Barnesand Camilla Sebergthink about adding a dildo to their all you can eat beav buffet in Erotique, Anne Heche’s amazing apples are looking juicy as she strolls through the shower ogling her fellow babes behind bars in Girls in Prison, Catherine Bellwill ring your bell when you see her hefty hoots and cute caboose in Hot Line, Laure Marsacgets her clothes pulled off by vampires and her fun bags and fur pie will definitely get your stake pounding in Interview with the Vampire, Janet Gunn will have you shooting when she reveals her chest bullets in Night of the Running Man, Shannah Laumeister’s high pair is the winner when she plays strip poker in Nobody’s Fool, Sandrine Holtgives us a look at her outstanding rack as she lounges in the grass in Rapa Nui, 3 models show off their high-fashion frontals on the runway including the svelte suckers and snatch of Tara Leonon the right in Ready to Wear. More model mams and muff on the runway including Ève Salvailwho has more hair on her crotch than her head in Ready to Wear, Pamela Anderson’s beach buoys come out for some air as she has stand-up sex in an alley in Raw Justice, Lara Flynn Boyle’sdainty décolletage is hanging out for Matthew Broderick’s viewing pleasure in The Road to Wellville, Lena Olin’s bod is crisscrossed in a bondage harness but her nips are unrestricted in Romeo Is Bleeding, Mathilda May manifests her mams in a dream sequence amongst a bunch of booby baring gal-pals in The Tit and the Moon.

Editor’s Note: The scenes with Madchen Amick and Gabrielle Anwar have out of sync audio.

Rough Rider (Disc 2)

Video: Rough Rider (Disc 2)

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PornFidelity has round up some of the finest cowgirls in the west ready to save a horse and ride a cowboy instead. Watch them find cowboys willing to strap on their spurs saddle up the horse and get out on the range and lasso up! We’ve wrangled these boot wearing, ranch working, cock loving sluts and taught them what it really means to be a rough rider! They have no problem riding a bucking bronco and setting oral, vaginal and anal records before getting a gooey creampie as a reward for a job well done in this double disc set.

Stars: Layla Price, Blair Williams, Kelly Madison, Brooke Banks, Sandee Westgate, Ryan Madison, Jared Grey

Best Of Cuckold Fantasies POV Volume 9

Video: Best Of Cuckold Fantasies POV Volume 9

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Roman Video
They lure you in with blowjobs, and delicious samples of their heavenly juicy pussies. But once they’ve got you under their spells, they slap your cock, lock it in chastity, and make you wear pantyhose. Watch them fuck men better than you in every imaginable way. Burn with shame as those bigger, better cocks make them orgasm and as they verbally humiliate you with how much bigger and better their cocks are than yours. Gag as you’re repeatedly compelled to suck up huge loads of sperm gushing from well-fucked pussies. Then beg for more as you become a cum-loving sissy! Cock slapping, facesitting, hard up-close fucking and sucking, and multiple creampies for you to eat and fuck!

Stars: Addie Juniper, Melody Jordan, Cameron Dee, Emily Kae, Johnny

Cum And Play With My Pussy

Video: Cum And Play With My Pussy

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AMK Empire
What would you do if one of these very cute and extremely horny girls told you to Cum And Play With My Pussy? Anyone would jump at the chance to get close to these girls’ tight little tease-boxes, but luckily in these eight scenes you get a front-row seat to some incredible pussy playing!

Stars: Elektra Rose, Samantha Hayes, Kate England , Rachel James, Val Dodds, Elsa Jean, Angel Smalls, Leah Gotti, Kristen Scott, Izzy Champayne, Anthony Rosano

Rough Rider (Disc 1)

Video: Rough Rider (Disc 1)

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PornFidelity has round up some of the finest cowgirls in the west ready to save a horse and ride a cowboy instead. Watch them find cowboys willing to strap on their spurs saddle up the horse and get out on the range and lasso up! We’ve wrangled these boot wearing, ranch working, cock loving sluts and taught them what it really means to be a rough rider! They have no problem riding a bucking bronco and setting oral, vaginal and anal records before getting a gooey creampie as a reward for a job well done in this double disc set.

Stars: Layla Price, Blair Williams, Brooke Banks, Sandee Westgate, Ryan Madison, Jared Grey

Pure Bush 3

Video: Pure Bush 3

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airerose Entertainment
Hot ladies that like to keep a nice little patch of pussy hair are here dying to show off! Teen dream Abella Danger lets it get a little “unkempt” down there! Tommy Gunn gets his big cock deep in Keisha Grey’s muff sandwich, and Gina Valentine and Candence Lux let their pussies go rogue! Lovers of the untrimmed bush should not miss out!

Stars: Cadence Lux, Keisha Grey, Abella Danger, Gina Valentina, Tommy Gunn, Johnny Nitro, Ryan McLane, Chad Alva

The Best Of Super Ramon

Video: The Best Of Super Ramon

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The new era of transsexual porn has arrived! You’ve seen him in his leotard around town saving the damsels in distress when they need it most. Super Ramon is always on time when these damsels in distress need a thorough dicking down! Lexie Beth helps him show his apprentice, Mark Anthony the ropes to drilling a tight hole and making it gape while Jessy Dubai’s purse is returned to her before she rewards the big dicked hero when she spreads those ass cheeks like butter! He’s always there when they need him…to fill, drill, gape and spew! He’s SUPER RAMON and he’s always on the prowl!

Stars: Mark Anthony, Ramon, Eva Lin (Trans), Jessy Dubai (Trans), Michelle Firestone (Trans), Lexie Beth, Jessi Martinez (Trans), Jade Miranda (Trans)

Teens Like It Big Vol. 15

Video: Teens Like It Big Vol. 15

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‘Hiker Her Skirt Up’ – Stevie is suck of small-time cock so she’s hitting the road, hitchhiking her way to the big city. Erik picks her up and teaches her a valuable lesson in sucking and fucking!

”Say Hi To Your Sister For Me’ – Melanie has had a crush on Johnny ever since her brother became friends with him. Today is the day where she finally makes a move. Lucky for her, Johnny will show her just how much he appreciates her… by having sex with her!

Zoey Goes Big’ – Zoey is starting college in two weeks., she knows what college is really about. It’s about finding big dicks to have sex with! Luckily, her neighbor Johnny is packing some serious penile power and he knows just how to get her ready!

The Whorish Runaways’ – Kelly and Veruca enter world of rock and roll to form the first all-teen rock band. However, Kelly gets tired of the lifestyle and wants to call it quits. Until their sleazy manager shows them a nice big hard cock to get fucked by!

‘Silence Of The Clams’ – 18 year old Jodie Sterling is an up and coming agent at the zz college of criminal profiling. Even though she is the youngest profiler to aid in such an endeavor, she does bring certain assets to the task!

Stars: Melanie Rios, Kelly Surfer, Zoey Kush, Stevie Shae, Veruca James, Dillion Harper, Jodie Sterling, Danny D, Ramon Nomar, James Deen, Johnny Sins, Eric Everhard

What’s The Occasion

Video: What's The Occasion

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Fantasy Massage
The year is packed with holidays, all special moments to celebrate, but certain occasions demand some rest and all-girl relaxation. The excitement of these moments send our stars writhing, eager for a release of tension pent up over the last month brought by licking wet, tasty pussy and finger-fucking each other until the tension is completely gone in eyes-closed, lip-licking lesbian orgasms fit for queens!

Stars: Abigail Mac, August Ames, Ryan Ryans, Serena Blair, Karlie Montana, Sasha Heart, Allie Haze, Shyla Jennings, Danica Dillon, Lola Foxx

Nacho’s Sex Illustrated

Video: Nacho's Sex Illustrated

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Nacho Vidal Productions

Super-hung Spanish sex superhero Nacho Vidal transforms five erotic photo shoots into obscenely sexual graphic sex scenes that could never be shown in the similarly named magazine known for vivid visual imagery.

Statuesque Slut Meets Towering Meat: Exotic Jasmine Jae is Britain’s busty brick house. She poses for photographer/porn madman Nacho Vidal, who can’t resist eating her from behind. Jasmine kneels to deep-throat his enormous, throbbing erection; he grips her black hair and fucks her face. Standing doggie-style, her pierced labia part, stuffed by Nacho’s huge hose. The leggy slut wraps herself around the stud, pussy stuffed, ass grinding. An intimate pounding climaxes with Nacho suddenly dumping cum in Jasmine’s puffy-lipped pout. She orally cleans his thick prick.

Stunner Manhandled To Squirting: Petite, tattooed Nikita Bellucci has a gorgeous face and a stunning, natural figure. In an abandoned warehouse, porn stud Nacho Vidal photographs her nude but for heels. Nikita’s cheeks go concave in an exquisite, deep-throat blow job, and her face radiates joy. In Nacho’s apartment, she spreads her big butt cheeks for a dog-style slamming that makes her shaved pussy gape. He chokes and manhandles her, fucking with her legs thrown back. Nikita deeply tongues his asshole. His massive meat makes her scream in orgasm. After cumming in her mouth, Nacho fingers Nikita to soaking squirt ejaculations!

Longhaired Lass Loses Video Virginity: Meet Thais Lafuente in her very first on-camera fuck! Mad pornographer Nacho Vidal photographs the longhaired, natural-breasted Spanish beauty’s painted-on jeans and lush bush. He fingers her wet gash. The stud eats her from behind and fucks her, standing doggie-style against the mirror. She takes an intimate, intense fuck ride on the bed, her butt bouncing. Nacho’s POV-style footage shows her brown eyes looking into the camera as she sucks his uncut meat pussy-to-mouth. She strokes his shaft in a two-hand job and he porks Thais some more, physically manhandling her. Nacho jacks his jism on her butt cheeks.

Bleach-Blonde Brit Loves Colossal Cock: Sporting a tiny bikini and bleach-blonde hair down to her ass is thick-lipped, blue-eyed Sienna Day. The spunky Brit can’t wait for Nacho Vidal’s massive meat! He spreads her bald gash and fucks her mouth; she lustfully tongues his bunghole as he sits on her face. They shag with her legs cranked way back by her head and standing by the balcony. Sienna’s tongue laps the underside of his monster cock in a pussy-to-mouth face fuck. Ass up, she fingers her butthole and begs for cheek-reddening spanks as he plows pussy. POV footage shows a worshipful blow job/two-hand job. He spunks her irrepressible, open mouth.

Threesome – Bi Sluts Service Hung Stud: Nasty Nacho Vidal photographs two Spanish sluts: Tall, radically inked redhead Silvia Rubi and hot-assed Julia Roca, in high-heeled, thigh-high boots, strip, make out and service Nacho’s gigantic prick. At his pad, the three-way round robin intensifies. With Nacho fucking Silvia, Julia plants her bushy pussy on Silvia’s face. Nacho slaps Julia’s face and nails her snatch as the girls kiss. The stud stacks their asses to plow both pussies. Silvia eats Julia while Nacho eats Silvia. Silvia plants her bald twat on Julia’s face as Nacho’s prick pounds Julia’s cunt, till the stud creams her bush. Julia tongues Silvia’s bare holes and the girls share climactic play with a two-headed dildo.

Stars: Silvia Rubi, Nikita Bellucci , Jasmine Jae, Sienna Day, Julia Roca, Thais Lafuente, Nacho Vidal

Anal Pervs

Video: Anal Pervs

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Perv City

The depraved denizens of Perv City gift us with a fresh fuck flick focusing on gorgeous sluts that love getting their backdoors pounded by hung studs. “Anal Pervs” presents four intense, butt-cramming scenes, all of them jam-packed with raunchy ass-to-mouth flavor and hardcore rectal reaming, Perv City style.

Sperm-Swapping Anal Threesome: Layla Price and Mandy Muse show hung stud Mike Adriano that they’re two of the hottest, nastiest butt sluts in porn. After posing and spreading their chunky, plump asses, they kneel in front of Mike for some sloppy blow job fun: One rims his bunghole while the other sucks cock. Layla lies spread-eagled and Mike plunges his massive boner into her rectum. This messy, double butt fuck is flavored with ass-to-mouth cocksucking and a hole stretching speculum! The scene climaxes with a cum facial and mouth-to-mouth sperm swapping!

Slutty Secretary’s Interracial Ass Reaming: Sexy, long-legged babe Kierra Wilde looks ravishing in slutty secretary attire, posing and stripping in anticipation of a hot, interracial ass fuck from stud Sean Michaels. He rims her perfect, shapely butt to start, before the bespectacled beauty throats his black cock in a POV-style blow job. The sexy redhead fondles her clit while Sean pummels her asshole with his enormous BBC. Her perky tits spontaneously bounce as she sucks his throbbing shaft ass-to-mouth. The intense ass fucking climaxes as Sean majestically sprays his semen over her furry pussy.

Dirty Talking Butt Fuck Slut: Leggy, red-haired newbie Audrey Holiday teases in sexy jean shorts, slowly stripping out of her outfit to flaunt her well-groomed bush and perky tits. She welcomes hard-dicked stud John Strong with a throat-cramming blow job before he ruthlessly reams her asshole. The lewd sex kitten talks dirty and takes a tireless sphincter slamming, showing off her tender, gaping asshole whenever he yanks out his shaft. Audrey rides dick anally, deep-throats John’s boner ass-to-mouth numerous times and swallows a mouth-load of cream.

Interracial Anal Showdown: Violet Monroe — a sexy, gorgeous redhead with natural tits — shares a filthy, interracial showdown with legendary Sean Michaels. She fucks her asshole with a giant dildo, then submissively welcomes the black stud with a sloppy, throat-gurgling blow job. Sean fiercely plows her butthole in all positions as Violet fucks her pussy with a dildo. She deep-throats his enormous BBC ass-to-mouth, creating ribbons of lipstick-stained drool. In the climax, Sean laces her beautiful face with hot streams of spunk.

Stars: Violet Monroe, Kierra Wilde, Mandy Muse, Layla Price, Audrey Holiday, John Strong, Mike Adriano, Sean Michaels

Teenage Cream Pies 3

Video: Teenage Cream Pies 3

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Teen Erotica
Hot teens getting stuffed and filled with warm spunk! 100% cream pie action at its best! Five scenes of gorgeous European teen girls exploring their cavernous cunts. How much of Timo Hardy’s cum can little Lexie hold in her tight twat? Cum find out in scene one! How about Viola and horny little Amber? You’ll have to watch to see!

Stars: Amber Daikiri, Lisa, Viola, Lexie, Ludmila Jay, Tanata, Markus Dupree, Timo Hardy

Unplanned Orgies 27

Video: Unplanned Orgies 27

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Porno Dan Presents
Porno Dan brings you the 27th installment of Unplanned Orgies, featuring the raunchiest orgy footage featuring adult’s hottest starlets! These unscripted fuck scenes with groups of super horny studs and sluts will absolutely shock and excite you with intense visions of pleasure!

Stars: Harmony Reigns, Jenna Ivory, Meg Magic, Isabella Lui, Christina Shine, Roxy Deliay, Aria Logan, Bibi Noel, Mea Malone, Jasmine Jae, Scott Lyons, Mark Zane, Porno Dan, D Snoop, Ryan Ryder, Dirk Huge

Teenage Tranny Cheerleader Anal Fucking With TS Alexa Scout

Video: Teenage Tranny Cheerleader Anal Fucking With TS Alexa Scout

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Video: Up My Russian Ass 2

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Video: Addicted To Sweets From Spanked Cuties

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Young ladies really got to watch what they eat! Of course, being TOO skinny is not what we want to see…but a glutton girl who is stuffing sweets into herself, like a greedy pig? Is THAT what we want to see? Certainly not! And if repeated well-intentioned words of advice do not help, it’s the leather strap and the cane who need to speak a stronger language!

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Video: Dildo Sex-Games Vol. 1

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Video: Aashiq Banaya XXX

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