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Mila Marquez

Video: Mila Marquez

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Meet all natural 28 year-old Hispanic brunette college student Mila Marquez. She’s 5′ 3″ tall with lovely, natural 34 C breasts. Mila admits that it takes her some time to really orgasm, but all good things come to those who wait. And, being the good girl that she is, Mila didn’t start masturbating until she was 22 years old!

Mila is lounging on a red leather sofa with colorful polka dotted pillows supporting her. It looks like she may have just returned from exercising as her large natural breasts are clad in a black sports bra and she is wearing long yoga pants. She pulls the sports bra down to fondle her breasts, then peels off the yoga pants, revealing a pair of black cotton panties. She pulls the bra down once again, tweaking her nipple and fondling her large natural breast. She slips a hand into her panties, circle massaging her clitoris. It’s not long before Mila peels off the panties, revealing her smoothly shaved lippy pussy to the camera! She licks her fingers then rubs her clitoris. Naked, except for the bra, with her breasts poking out, Mila lies back on the colorful sofa and pillows rubbing her lippy pussy. After a bit, Mila sits up and removes her sports bra. That’s better. Mila gets into some firm and serious finger rubbing. She pants and moans, rocking her hips. She licks her fingers, smearing the saliva across her pussy and she even frantically slaps her luscious labia and clitoris from time-to-time. Mila really gets into the rub-a-dub-dub. Her hand is moving so fast and firmly across her clitoris. Mila starts to pant. She lets out a moan, saying, “Ewww. Ahhhh.” and then we see her start to cum. It’s a nice series of real and obvious pussy contractions. When she is finished cumming, she slaps her pussy, and looks intensely into the camera. The scene fades to Mila lying back, totally relaxed and naked, on the sofa smoking a cigarette after that incredible orgasm.

Mila is in her bedroom wearing a pair of bright pink cotton panties and a white tank top. She lifts the top to show off her lovely natural breasts and to fondle them. She licks her fingers – a lot – then smears the saliva down to her panty covered pussy. In and out her hand slips. Then she takes off her tank top to fondle her breasts. Mila continues to play with her pussy, and lick her fingers, keeping her panties on for a few more minutes, but eventually she does slip the panties off as well. She gets a little creamy wet while finger rubbing before she switches to a big purple vibe. A camera man was filming this scene, but Mila was a little shy and nervous, so she asked the camera man to leave her alone in the room with the camera on a tripod. She takes over the camera control when she is kneeling on the bed. Mila frantically finger rubs on her knees, then switches to lying back with her head propped up on pillows. She likes to watch herself in the camera. As she frantically finger rubs, she gets quite the sex flush across her chest and face, too. Mila rubs and pants, then moves the lens in closer, but not too close. We can hear her juices building. Then we can see how much that wetness is building, and Mila starts to gasp and pant as she rubs out a fingers-only nice, visible, strong orgasm! But she just had to be all alone in the room that time. Mila likes her post orgasm smoke and keeps the camera rolling while she enjoys this cigarette, relaxed and naked.

Mila’s all alone in the bedroom once more. Yep, the camera is fixed on a tripod. She is wearing a little blue and white dress and a pair of pretty lace panties. She is seated on the bed and she seems to really enjoy playing in front of the camera. She touches her body all over. She pulls the dress down a little bit to allow one breast to be visible. She licks her fingers, rubbing the saliva all over her nipple. She clutches her breast, using the camera remote to get a little closer. Mila moves the camera back out, then removes a barrette from her long brunette hair. She tosses her tresses, then moves the camera in for a closer view of her breasts and perky nipples. She does have very nice natural breasts. Mila moves onto her knees, lifting her skirt and showing off her pretty panties. She rolls over, giving her ass a good spanking with her panties still on. Mila goes back onto her bottom, adjusts the camera view once more, then takes off the dress. She is wearing only a strapless bra and her panties at this point. She licks her fingers and her lips, lies back on the pillows and pulls her panties to the side. Mila rubs, then pulls her bra down, her panties go down around her ankles, then her legs go up in the air. Mila rubs some more, then slips her panties off, rolling onto her knees and putting her bare bottom on full display to the camera. Mila moves onto her back again, firmly pressing her fingers onto her clitoris. Mila picks up her white panties and rubs her clitoris with them for a few moments. She tosses them aside, then goes back to the finger rubbing. Mila likes looking into the camera and watching herself. She rubs, bouncing her hips up and down. She starts to frantically rub, sometimes pausing to slap her clitoris. Mila moves back to doggy style in front of the camera for a few moments, then rolls back onto her back and side, lifting one leg into the air as she finger massages her pussy. The rubbing intensifies and Mila starts to gasp. She tosses her head back then slaps her pussy. Mila licks her fingers, then inserts a couple of fingers into her pussy for a moment before getting back to the firm clit massage. Her nipples are perky and standing at attention. Mila starts to whimper, pant and moan, frantically and intensely, and then we see her cumming as she goes “Ewwww.”! After she cums, she slaps her clitoris, then sits up to blow a kiss to the camera. She leaves the camera filming as she pulls up her strapless bra and plays with her long hair.

Mila is wearing a black lace bra and panty set and black thigh-high stockings. She is kneeling and operating the camera for herself once more. She really does prefer to be all alone in the room. She pulls the bra strap down, releasing her breasts, then lies back with the purple dildo vibe down in her panties. After a few moments, she moves onto her knees to peel off the sexy little black panties. She leans back on one elbow finger massaging her clitoris. Then she lies back, lifting her stocking legs into the air. Mila is using the purple vibrator on her pussy this time, leaving only her black thigh-high stockings on. As she rubs with the toy, and she’s already getting pretty wet. After a bit, Mila rolls over onto her knees, giving us a doggy style view of her large flapping labia while she toys her pussy. And although that feels good, Mila once more rolls onto her back and gets down to frantic finger masturbation. We know the frantic finger rub is her favorite. As she rubs, she starts to pant and she lifts her bottom and hips off the floor. She gets really close to cumming (I actually thought she was going to) but she stops the finger rub, then goes back to stimulating her clitoris with the purple vibrator. After the toy warm-up, she quickly switches back to a very hard and fast finger massage. And this time it does the trick quite quickly! Mila gasps, then whimpers, then whimpers and pants, lifting her hips up and curling her pelvis as we see her rhythmic orgasm contractions. She sits up, licking her fingers right in front of the camera. With the camera still rolling, we see Mila lighting up a cigarette. She is wearing only the black thigh high stockings. She lies down on her back, spreading her legs, showing off her large labia, smoking that cigarette. She inserts a couple of fingers into her wet pussy, then sits up licking her grool off each and every finger in front of the camera. Then she fondles her breasts, lying back on her elbow to finish the cigarette.

Stars: Mila Marquez

Aphrodesians – Remastered Grindhouse Edition

Video: Aphrodesians - Remastered Grindhouse Edition

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After Hours Cinema
After Hours Cinema presents three epic classics saved from the well-known Venus Theatre to be presented for the first time on home video! Three classic films featuring nothing but grindhouse screw-fests whose titles alone suggest a plethora of hot and uninhibited intercourse that definitively proves wild, reckless, untamed, no-holds-barred sex -was the only variety of sex performed in the ,70s by the sex-addicted cognoscenti! Includes Penthouse Party Girl, Four Buddies, and Aphrodesians; all remastered for your viewing pleasure!

Brutal Hands

Video: Brutal Hands

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Meet five beautiful and very talented ladies who have a very talented hands and they are very aggressive with them . The first scene is on the cover and wow she uses an iron on his uncut dick and he loves it as she goes back and forth with it until he cums. Then a young girl must fulfill her duties of giving a handjob. Next she implements some spanking with her hand and a uses a dust pan on his ass. Then a blonde is sunbathing, she catches a man looking through his binoculars at her. She decides he’s worth given a handjob and she even plays with herself a bit while she does it. So cute this last girl, not sure what she sticks his dick through as she jerks him but he cums with pleasure.

It’s All Pink Inside 5

Video: It's All Pink Inside 5

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Black Market
Remember – love is universal. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, because it’s all pink inside, right?! So, that being the case: don’t be afraid to follow where your heart takes you, just like Flame and Lucy Fire!

Fine ass black lesbians never looked so fucking fresh, and sexy. These sluts know how a pussy works and how to make it cum. They use all the toys necessary to dominate the pussy. Every part of their bodies is licked, all their holes are probed, and they’ll fucking make your cock weep.

Stars: Carmen Hayes, Olivia Winters, Brown Suga, Lucy Fire, Oasis Star, Taylor Layne, Caramel, Flame

A Pussy To Die For

Video: A Pussy To Die For

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Caballero Video
When sleazy reporter Worm Jenkins covers a story, he doesn’t stop until he uncovers the naked truth. This time he’s on the trail of Lethal Leila, the titillating tigress who put Jon Hardon in his grave. He sleuths his way from a blow job with Holly Woods to a torrid lesbian encounter with irresistible inmates Sonia and Buttercup. In the end Worm finds that the perfect pussy…the one that holds on and won’t let go.

Stars: Marissa Malibu, Sierra (i), Alicia Rio, Crystal Wilder, Jonathan Morgan, T.T. Boy, Marc Wallice

Tala 23 Year Old Cutie

Video: Tala 23 Year Old Cutie

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97% Amateurs
Amateurs are found here from every walk of life, and 97% of them are guaranteed to have never posed in front of a camera before, especially not for an adult film. Huge boobs are not a prerequisite to being totally cute, and this 23 year old proves it; totally shaved pussy with a gorgeous shape. She gets put through the paces and several outfit changes through a video that runs just shy of 36 minutes. Any man wishes they could take her home with them. How natural it was, her smile, the energy, it was obvious that she really had fun.

Stars: Tala

Lucy On Jay

Video: Lucy On Jay

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Massage Rooms
Jay was more than happy to lay down and give himself, mind, body and soul to our young and beautiful masseuse Lucy Li and the 19 year old wasted no time in getting him rubbed down and relax before she poured oil all over her top turning it translucent and showing off her massive breasts. By now Jay was rock hard and nearly blew his load as Lucy rubbed her teen tits up and down his oily shaft, before she massaged and kissed the end of his cock, teasing it with her mouth. Soon the sexy vixen was feeling very horny and she stripped off and rubbed her young fresh pussy up and down Jay’s cock until she just had to slip it in and fill herself up with its throbbing stiffness.

Stars: Lucy Li, Jay

Thick Old Chicks 5

Video: Thick Old Chicks 5

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Two shorts scenes featuring a young man and an older, thicker woman banging like it’s 1985. She’s got flowing red hair, some thick tits and a beautiful pair of stockings. He’s got a fit figure, some tattoos and a real urge to fuck an older woman. You can tell he doesn’t go this crazy with younger chicks.

Screaming For Joy

Video: Screaming For Joy

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Legend Studios is very happy to present Screaming for Joy! These horny honeys are just aching for a good, hard fuck. They’re about to get more than they bargained for! Sometimes, you have sex that is so darn good that you just can’t help screaming for joy! Cum and live it up with five screamingly good scenes featuring plenty of outstanding fucking!

Stars: Hailey Young, Lacie Heart, Dana Duval, Tommie Ryden, Nadia Aria, Farrah Rae

Never Been Touched

Video: Never Been Touched

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Adam & Eve
Adam & Eve knows, despite what you’ve been told, that some of the hottest, sexiest girls just happen to be the ones who have Never Been Touched. That’s why the adult powerhouses sent its camera crew to scour the earth for some of the hottest newcomers!

Take Honey for example; she’s a multi-talented model who would like to make it big in the adult industry. Speaking of big — when her partner walks in, Honey’s jaw drops at the size of his member. Will it fit into her tiny teapot? Then Evi pops into the picture with her decadent smile. When this young brunette talks with her deep Hungarian accent — you’ll believe she can down both Rocky and Bull’s winkles! Also starring Natalia, Ili and Suzy, this feature is one fine example of why guys like’ em fresh and tight!

Never Been Touched is a feast for the eyes, where behind every new angle is a nice surprise!

Stars: Natalia, Suzy, Anett, Honey Winter, Evi, Leslie Taylor, Ili

New Resident Asia

Video: New Resident Asia

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Asia, a new resident at GBS has been sent by her teacher to see Michael. Poor girl is so nervous, she can’t keep still constantly fidgets, moving from one foot to the other. In her hand she is clutching a crumpled piece of paper. Michael is the disciplinarian at GBS and his job is to discipline the girls who do not behave.

Now, he has been notified by Asia’s teachers that she is rude, disobedient and totally disruptive in class. As she stands in front of him she’s still nervously fidgeting. He lectures her and explains that he is going to punish her by using a carpet beater on her bare bottom. Telling her to bend over the desk, he raises her skirt and pulls down her pristine white panties. The carpet beater soon turns her pert little bottom into a blazing inferno. She wails out piteously, but he ignores her pleas for leniency and continues with the spanking. He asks her if she’s going to behave in future and she quietly answers yes. But he wants her to answer him loud and clear.

Even though she has agreed to stick to the rules – Michael says he’s going to give her a final eight strokes of the carpet beater and she is to count each stroke and thank him for it. Eventually her ordeal is over. He instructs her to remain bent over the desk for a time. She obeys while fervently trying to rub away the smarting of her well-beaten bottom.

Stars: Asia (i), Michael

MS Can Mean Magnificent Sex

Video: MS Can Mean Magnificent Sex

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In MS Can Mean Magnificent Sex, Marie and Rob visit Dr. Carl for sexual counseling. Marie is handicapped, wheelchair bound, with MS, but wants to expand her sex life. She, Rob and Carl, explore all aspects or Bi/Gay and straight sex, with oral, vaginal and anal penetration in a huge variety of positions.

Stars: Marie, Carl Hubay, Rob Thomas

Black Girls…Wanna Cracker?

Video: Black Girls...Wanna Cracker?

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1st Strike
Six Black Beauties take a walk on the white side, spreading their long dark legs wide as shattering white cocks pound their pink pussies. From now on, these soul sistas will insist upon crackers in bed every night!! Everyone knowsit, but if you never tried white the shit is all right! Be sure not to miss the final scene featuring a sizzling four-way between Beauty Dior, Lady Armani, Ms. Panther, and Dirty Harry,

Stars: Melodee Bliss, Ms. Panther, Alana Play, Beauty Dior, Vixen Fyre, Jada Fire, Lady Armani, Burke, Jason Cox, Jeremy Steele, Dirty Harry, Brad Baldwin, Alec Knight

Buttwoman Iz Lauren Phoenix

Video: Buttwoman Iz Lauren Phoenix

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Elegant Angel
Lauren Phoenix is the personification of sexy. She’s brilliant, articulate, creative, gorgeous, and depraved. Her energy and perversity in this movie will make her stand out as the epitome of the character Buttwoman. She loves ATM and Cytherea’s squirt juice. She has a ferocity for cock warmed in an asshole, an insatiable thirst for semen, girl goo, and a need for ass pounding at a level never seen. This iz the new Buttwoman.

Stars: Amber Simpson, Anna Nova, Cytherea, Lauren Phoenix, Vicky Vette, Hollie Stevens, Mick Blue, Reno, Tristan Segal, Randy Spears, Claudio Meloni

Blonde Schlampen 2

Video: Blonde Schlampen 2

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Magic Horn
German blondes find themselves with older men, indulging in their MMMF fantasies and with a kinky average white fit toned guy! In only three scenes, these girls manage to be penetrated for an hour and a half! Whether they speak English or not, these girls can definitely take their imported goods for a full sexual inspection!

Doutei Gari

Video: Doutei Gari

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Gorgeous Japanese starlet, Yuu Uehara is the virgin hunter! Yuu Uehara is fully aware that she possess the body, the sexual charms and the charisma to basically get any guy she wants. However, she’s always been attracted to the shy types and the guys who don’t have a lot of experience with women. After her photo shoot, Yuu decides to seduce a production assistant who is actually a virgin! The inexperienced guy has no idea what kind of sexual pleasures and experiences are in store for him! Yuu Uehara loves breaking them in!

Stars: Yuu Uehara

The Devinn Lane Show 2 – Less Talk More Action

Video: The Devinn Lane Show 2 - Less Talk More Action

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Wicked Pictures
Join Devinn and her guests (Kristal Summers, Kaylynn, Gia, T.J. Hart, Amber Michaels, Stephanie Swift, Nicole Sheridan, Ruby Jewels and Madison Day) as they blow every other talk show out of the water. In Devinn Lane’s world, sex and provocation rule the airwaves. If one is looking for a little spice to add to their TV dinner, then this is the one stop shop.

Stars: Nicole Sheridan, Ruby Jewels, Madison Day, Kristal Summers, Kaylynn, Gia, T.J. Hart, Amber Michaels, Stephanie Swift, Devinn Lane, Pat Myne, J. Crew, Billy Glide, Evan Stone, Frank Fortuna, Voodoo Child

Cumshot Compilation 4

Video: Cumshot Compilation 4

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At Home Horny Productions
Average people joining together in the most intimate of ways get their rocks off on each other. Full-blown orgies produce all kinds of byproducts, including the creamy, gooey cum that happens to signal the climax of their efforts. No one in these groups seems to mind that sticky liquid that squirts all over the place. In fact, considered the nectar of passion, jizz might well have filled its own sacred chalice.

Magic Moments Presents June

Video: Magic Moments Presents June

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Magic Moments
June is a naturally gifted blonde. She has a beautiful, fresh, sweet, shaved pussy that’s ready to be pleased and pleasured. There’s no one there to do it, so June will have to do the honors herself. The final scene features June in the bathroom taking a shower where she unleashes a big red dildo that goes in and out of her juicy piece of pie!

Stars: June

EightTeen Tryouts – Audition 63

Video: EightTeen Tryouts - Audition 63

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Devil’s Films
Cheerleaders are used to all eyes on them at halftime; but these cheerleaders want to show you an all new routine! These talented teens are gonna show you what they can do with a cock! Watch those mouths open wide to gag on a pulsing piece of meat before they bounce those perky tits up and down to get you going. With their perfect, tight teen bodies, they definitely have what it takes to make your dick full and your balls empty.

Stars: Stevie Shae, Pressley Carter, Zoey Monroe, Natalia Starr, Nick Manning, Derrick Pierce

Latinas On Fire 2

Video: Latinas On Fire 2

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Jules Jordan Video – Jules Jordan
Some people would say that Latina women are the finest on the planet and their booties are capable of sexual feats that only Gods should be able to do. These Latina women may as well be Gods because they are amazing, bodacious babes with curvy bodies and a desire for sex that is unmatched. Five scenes of glorious Latin-flavored fucking from Jules Jordan.

Stars: Kristina Rose, Bridgette B, Adrianna Luna, Sara Luv, Keisha Grey, Eva Angelina, Mick Blue, Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar

Porn Fidelity Presents Naturals Vol. 2

Video: Porn Fidelity Presents Naturals Vol. 2

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Kelly Madison Productions
It is a known fact that seeing a pair of breasts appearing to be larger than their standard form will leave an impact on one’s subconscious, provided that the breasts are naturally larger and not tampered with. We want to make sure that these big natural bosoms leave such a mark on your brain that your cock will feel it for months. Remember, naturally large titties make genuinely happy memories naturally. Or is it MAMMORIES?

Stars: Olivia Blu, Brooke Wylde, Kelly Madison, Jade Aspen, Ryan Madison

Bi Fucks Vol. 2

Video: Bi Fucks Vol. 2

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Bluebird Films
Bisexuals are a plentiful group. And the thing about it is that other bisexuals seem to know who they are but outsiders are usually clueless. But once you’re in, the fun begins. Here we go again! If you want to watch guys fuck guys and guys fuck girls and ball sack sharing, all the way around, then you’re in the right place! These guys don’t discriminate; they love both cock and pussy!

Stars: Jessica Fiorentino, Cameron Ferrari, Sandra De Marco, Niki Sweet, Victoria Rose, Angelica Black, Jan Novotny, Joey Biohazard, Jakub Forman, Simon, Alex Granger, Maximus, David Loft, Benito, David Road, Pavel Matous, Luis Bigdog, Alan Capier

Monster Booty #10

Video: Monster Booty #10

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Exquisite Multimedia
These are some incredibly juicy asses! The thick and voluptuous Kim Pleasures gets stood up by her boyfriend, and she’s angry. She’ll make him pay – the hard way. Syanne Simmons is outside of a store having a text-off with her ex-boyfriend, and Mr. Marcus has just the way to make her forget all about him. Melody Nakai finds out about Justin Long’s big secret! Nina Devon gets her phat little booty clapped, slapped, and smashed! Last but not least, Cassidy Clay and Aryana Starr meet their adult movie crush, Mr. Marcus. Party at his place?

Stars: Kim Pleasures, Cassidy Clay, Aryana Starr, Nina Devon, Melody Nakai, Syanne Simmons, Mr. Marcus, Justin Long

Father’s Forbidden Fantasies

Video: Father's Forbidden Fantasies

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Forbidden Fruits Films
Worlds collide in these tales of unspeakable, forbidden and sexy desires! Starring Chloe Addison, Callie Calypso, Carter Cruise, Zoey Foxx, Tony D and Tony DeSergio. These tales of fictional blended family transgressions includes plenty of sex and plenty of fun! Father’s Forbidden Desires will unite the whole family.

Stars: Callie Calypso, Chloe Addison, Zoey Foxx, Carter Cruise, Tony De Sergio, Tony D

More Dirty Debutantes Volume 66

Video: More Dirty Debutantes Volume 66

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Ed Powers Productions
In this classic Ed Powers release, we are treated to six exciting scenes of typical Powers foreplay and intensity. He might consider himself an average looking man, but it doesn’t matter because he gets to rummage through these muffs like the hottest stud in town. His friend Jake Steed also joins in on the fun from time to time.

Stars: Vivienne Clash, Mia Smiles, Nikki Nyce, Desiree, Louise Mattos, Micki Lynn, Patricia Hott, Jake Steed, Ed Powers

Home Made Fresh Faces 8

Video: Home Made Fresh Faces 8

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Homemade Media
It’s time for more fresh faces that you’ve never seen before! Prepare yourself for more homemade honeys! We are always on the lookout for young people who want to fuck on film for the first time. Here’s a stunning collection of young performers eager to show off their tight and fresh pussies! Get ready for amateur performers like Simone, Nataly, Harley and Carina! Don’t miss out on a special bonus scene too!

Stars: Simone, Nataly, Carina, Harley, J.J., Neeo, Gianni, Renato

Easter Treats

Video: Easter Treats

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Platinum Media
Here’s cums Peter who? It’s Easter time once again and these girls are giving some great Easter treats. What treats do you like the most? Platinum Media is having a bunny contest and there are four bunnies to vote on. Just wait till you see what Peter Cotton Tail put in Mandi’s basket, he must be very horny, in scene three. Mandi wins the best bunny contest.

Stars: Heidi, Ericka, mandi Michales, Lance, Paul

Pipi Madchen 9

Video: Pipi Madchen 9

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Magic Horn
Get ready for 9 hot and horny girls who are ready to get wet and wild just for you! They love the wide open spaces of outdoors, but what they really love is getting down and dirty while in those places! Let the good times run…that’s right run! These kinky babes love to spread those creamy legs wide open and play with an eager slit until they can’t help but to moan with their pleasure. But the fun isn’t over until they really make it rain with a golden shower as you watch and wank in the comfort of your own home!

Stars: Sophia, Elena, Rita, Sylvia, Tina, Kristy, Isabelle, Janette, Uschi

Anal Warfare 18

Video: Anal Warfare 18

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Sinister TV
Forget the war on crime. Forget the war on climate change. It’s time for Anal Warfare; except this time we’re not discouraging it we’re encouraging it! Five scenes of butt-tastic, anal-stretching goodness. Throw in a nice gangbang and you’ve got yourself one heck of a great butt time!

Stars: Kurious, Jessica Darlin, Delilah, Adajja, Vanilla Skye, Kristy Myst

Mom’s Cuckold 14

Video: Mom's Cuckold 14

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Reality Junkies
Chad makes Natasha her favorite breakfast. But when he brings it up to her there’s a big black man with a big black dick in bed with her. Chad freaks out and Natasha begins to fuck like a rock star. Simone decides that she wants to be a pole dancer, but first she has to audition. Lexington a club owner gives her audition. Things really start to heat up and one thing leads to another. Jennifer’s husband Jimmy is horrible in bed and not meeting her needs, so she decides to go bigger and thicker to fill all her sexual needs. Jon Jon replies to Aiden’s add about selling her car. Aiden’s husband Hadi thinks the way she’s going about it is kinda wrong, but Aiden will do whatever it takes.

Stars: Natasha Starr, Simone Sonay, Jennifer Dark, Aiden Starr, Prince Yahshua, Sean Michaels, Lexington Steele, Jon Jon