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Ben & Lexi

Video: Ben & Lexi

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Gemini Studios
Ben Patrick is 19. He is Hot. He is sexy. He is straight, But Mark wanted to see him have sex and the only way that was going to happen was to bring in Lexi. So we get to see Ben as his male friends never will and that’s quite a fantasy! And you have to admit he looks hot with his legs in the air and a tongue up his ass!

Stars: Lexi, Ben Patrick

My Eye! I’m Not Supposed To Get Boobs In It!

Video: My Eye! I'm Not Supposed To Get Boobs In It!

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Mr. Skin

Get ready to get a close-up view of some of the greatest boobs as these gland-tastic gals give their lucky co-stars an eyeful of mams.

Nikki Schieler Ziering gives a lucky mom a face full of her fun bags in American Wedding, Paz Vega knows how to start a dude’s day when rubs her rackage in her dude’s face in Sex and Lucia, Sally Kirkland gives a dude a close-up look at her rack in Picture Windows, Nautica Thorn heats up a striptease with her boobage in Knocked Up, Joan Chen flashes her right tit in a wild moment in Wild Side, Tiffany Shepis cuts through the darkness with her rack in Bloody Murder 2, Cynthia Rullo allows her rack to do the talking in Cave Girl, Sara Nicole goes from fake boobies to real ones in Realm of the Bizarre, Marieh Delfino strips out of her police officer’s uniform to show her rack in Penance, Chesty Morgan smothers a lucky dude with her gigantic rack in Deadly Weapons, Lisa Arturo goes rack out while getting motorboated by her dude in Cattle Call, Tricia Bergan shucks her shirt for a close-up striptease in Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach, Lauren Hays heats up the back of a limo with her lovely lady lumps in Raven, Violante Placido unleashes her perky pair in What Will Happen to Us?, Julie Strain busts out her boobies in black and white in Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV, Bella Compagna busts out her boobs and gives a monstrous dude a teat-slapping in Terror Firmer, Michelle Bauer busts out her boobies in Vampire Vixens from Venus, Taimie Hannum makes with her mams in Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, and Amy Esacove shares her left rackage in Amanda. You gotta love a gal that’s willing to give an extremely close-up look at her rack!

Brutal Castings – Aubrey Gold

Video: Brutal Castings - Aubrey Gold

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Fetish Network
Aubrey Gold, a cute Southern blonde, is ready to leave her small town behind for a modeling career in a big city! She sent her audition video to Teen Castings, a great agency in Miami, and gets a call back. She’ll do anything to get what she wants. Her potential agent wants to take a few photos of her in her underwear. When he tries to get her naked, explaining it will bring more work for her, she grabs her clothes. So he makes it clear: If she doesn’t do what he says, she can go back home. Now, to even be considered, she must endure his love for BDSM, domination, rope bondage, deepthroat bj, fingering, squirting, spanking, slapping and vigorous sex. She’s gained a new Sir, an extreme sex slave training and a cum facial. A modeling contract? Maybe not.

Stars: Aubrey Gold, Bruno Dickens

Milfy Way 6

Video: Milfy Way 6

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Rodnievision (Rodney Moore)
Are you ready to blast off to the Milfy Way? The Milfy Way is inhabited by a bevy of gorgeous, older MILFs! Rodney Moore has his way with hot and horny MILFs leaving them messy but satisfied. All these mature babes receive his classic Rodney blast all over their pretty faces and the love every drop of it!

Stars: Kylie Worthy, Josephine James, Mandy Luxx, Darryl Hannah, Cece Valen, Rodney Moore, Victoria Valentine

Dogward Slut

Video: Dogward Slut

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VR Bangers
Yoga can be relaxing and boring at the same time. But after watching this yoga lesson, you’ll regret you haven’t started watching yoga lessons sooner! Jackie Woods will be your hot and sexy yoga instructor. Her body curves are amazing in every inch of her body! Her sexual energy is massive. She starts off by stretching her sexy body. Slowly teasing you while taking off her tight yoga outfit. After she’s all naked, she will take out her little toy and masturbate her juicy pussy right on you. Step into her VR world to feel more.

Stars: Jackie Wood

Roxanne Mae 2 – My Orgasms

Video: Roxanne Mae 2 - My Orgasms

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Roxanne Mae is a hot MILF that loves masturbating. She doesn’t waste much time when she strips, yet she always sports very sexy lingerie. She knows just what feels good to her and she rocks out several massive, pussy pulsating orgasms using the Hitachi and the Fairy mini wand … the type of orgasm that you’ll want to watch over and over!

Roxanne Mae is seated on a Plexiglas table wearing a pink t-shirt and little white shorts. She immediately peels her top off over her head and reveals her bright pink bra. Then she unzips her shorts to show her matching panties. Roxanne removes her bra completely – nice natural breasts and perfectly perky nipples were beneath the satin fabric! She then drops her shorts and after a brief rub, she sits back down and begins to tease her pussy through her panties with the Hitachi magic wand. Once sufficiently “warmed up”, Roxanne takes off her panties completely and continues to masturbate with the big vibrator making direct clitoral contact. She immediately lets out an “Ah …”, and as she continues to work the toy, she lets out more and more little moans and “Ah’s”. Roxanne is clearly enjoying the sensations that the wand is delivering! Suddenly she stands up, turns around, bends over and continues to masturbate doggy style! She continues to make those sounds of genuine pleasure as she jiggles the vibrator on her sweet spot. But she doesn’t want to cum that way … she sits down again parts her legs and continues to rub her clit with the wand. It takes her a little while and a few expletives before she throws back her head and cums! This one is not a spectacular orgasm though … Roxanne puts away the wand and coyly smiles at the camera.

Roxanne is now kneeling on the bed wearing a white t-shirt and gray shorts. Once again, she quickly removes her top. She loses her shorts very quickly too this time and reveals her very sexy bra and panties. Roxanne lies back on the bed and takes off her bra before gently caressing her breasts and pussy. She likes to warm up a little, so she fires up the wand and teases her pussy with it through the fabric of her panties again. Even that elicits a series of “Ah’s” from her before she pulls her panties to the side for direct clitoral contact ;-) … nice view! Roxanne then takes her panties off completely as they really were getting in the way. She puts the wand back on her clit and jiggle is around in tight circles. Judging by her little sounds, Roxanne is really beginning to enjoy the sensations and already has some pre-orgasm contractions. But suddenly she lets out a “fuck” and cums really hard! It’s a big, big orgasm with massive contractions that go on and on! Wow! That one did it for her – the camera man suggests that she do one more, but she declined saying that she was too sensitive.

Roxanne is back! She has clearly recovered from her sensitive clit and is ready to do it again She is sitting on a couch wearing blue jeans and a black top, both of which come off very quickly. Her pink bra goes next, and Roxanne then gets comfy on the couch and plays with her pussy both through and under the material of her panties. She lifts her legs up and peels her panties up and off. Parting her legs once more, Roxanne begins to rub her pussy and clit with her fingers. But that’s not really what she wants … she reaches over and picks up the smaller Fairy Mini Wand vibrator. She quickly finds her spot and ratchets up the power of the vibrator. The stimulation has her jerking and “Oh’ing” and “Ah’ing” in seconds! Her toes curl upwards too as she takes in the pleasurable sensations. There are a lot of contractions going on at the base of her vagina and perineum and although her facial reactions were not like the previous time she came, I suspect she had a mini orgasm … she even turned down the power of the toy briefly after that. Once again, she cranks up the buzzer, plants it on her clit and buzzes out another orgasm accompanies by lots of “Ah’s”. “Fuck.” Roxanne is done again – she sits up gives us a wave and goodbye kiss, and puts away her vibrator.

Back on the bed, Roxanne takes off her t-shirt and tight black jeans. She is wearing a very sexy matching black and white bra and panty set! She takes off her bra and releases her lovely breasts … her nipples respond nicely to a quick caress. Roxanne lies back on the bed and chooses the Fairy Mini Wand once more. She turns on the screaming buzzer and applies it to her pussy – first over the satin fabric of her panties, then inside them, then back over them again. She turns up the power as she focuses the buzzing on her sweet spot. In no time at all, the stimulation has her moaning gently. She unties one side of her panties to give herself a little easier direct access to her clitoris and plants the vibe back on it. Roxanne pulls her panties off completely as the camera moves in for a closer view of the action. She is already having lots of pre-orgasm contractions as she masturbates. It seems that her orgasm is imminent … and indeed it was – Roxanne cums really hard with lots of big contractions and a “fuck”. She rides it out completely, not missing a beat with the buzzer. But then she retracts her clit hood and keeps on going until she rocks out another, albeit smaller orgasm! That does it for her – she switches the vibe off, changes position and smiles at the camera.

Stars: Roxanne Mae

Oriental Ecstasy

Video: Oriental Ecstasy

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Gourmet Video
The secrets of Ecstasy are finally revealed when these little darlings play out their deepest sexual desires! Threesomes, facials, dildo dipping, lesbian liaisons and even FemDom play are just some of the raunchy acts these lovely ladies engage in to get their just desserts. Cum and explore everything they have to offer in over an hour of XXX hardcore action.

Stars: Kyoto Sunn, Beth Ruberman, China Wong, Jennifer Wong, Maria Tortuga, Raysheena Mercado, Seka, Jodi Thorpe, Linda Wong, Mai Lin, Aaron Stuart, Jack Mason, Jamie Gillis, Jon Martin, Jeff Lyle


Video: Arsch-Fick-Sauereien

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Muschi Movie
Muschi Movie presents Arsch-Fick-Sauereien, or “Ass-Fuck-Smut.” These wild European hotties love to feel as full as possible, and that means getting every hole hammered with huge cock! Watch as these brave babes take in the mouth, ass, and pussy until they are completely covered in cum.

Brat Girls 155

Video: Brat Girls 155

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Kinky Europe Productions
The Cat Sisters are back. This time their slave man must clean their sneakers very well. They humiliate him by spitting on the sneaks and he must make sure they are clean from the top to the bottom. Then they facesit and smother their sub. Next, it’s all about smoking and making him their human ashtray. They even make him eat the ciggy’s. They constantly spit on him too.

Stars: Cat Sister 1, Cat Sister 2

The Private Sex-Archives No. 1

Video: The Private Sex-Archives No. 1

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They say things get better with age… Horny amateur matures are here to prove that to you! These amateurs provide plenty of sucking, fucking, and climaxes worthy of filming! Watch these girls and women suck and fuck these men like never before and beg for a load of sticky man juice on their pussies and pretty faces!

Elite Pain Interviews – Zsofi

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Zsofi

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Elite Pain Interviews
Zsofi is a twenty year old pretty faced girl, who wants to become an actress. Little did she know what Maximillian’s interview all was about. Zsofi is not one from the obedient type. At first she even minds of taking her clothes off. Now we all know what happens with non-obedient girls, when it comes to Lomps casting. She can’t resist the opportunity to get a role for Lomp’s upcoming film, so the only thing she has left to do is to bear his testing. From that point on Max brings his fury and power upon her gorgeous breast, cans her butt and punishes her beautiful tight pussy, in the end we’re left to see tears falling down from Zsofi’s ocean-like eyes!

Stars: Zsofi, Maximilian Lomp

MILFs Like It Black #2

Video: MILFs Like It Black #2

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Lovely moms getting pounded by monster black cock!

Episode 7 – Vannah Sterling: When Vannah comes to MLB to get some of that black cock from Tactics, their session gets interrupted by a fight between Jason and Shane. She decides to calm the prostitutes down by letting them fuck her.

Episode 8 – Nicki Hunter: The one and only Nicki Hunter, the bitch who never gets tired of cock, is in the MLB building. It seems all the guys in the crew have bad memories of this psychotic black cock hungry Milf, except Shane, who volunteers to fuck her.

Episode 9 – Raven Black: This chick wanted to get back at her stupid cheating boyfriend of hers. Not only will he never be able to fuck her no more due to the massive gap left by our boy Shane, we’d be surprised if she can still walk!

Episode 10 – Sarah Jessie: Our Boy DT, aka Deep Threat, aka Greedy got out of the pen and we decided to set him up with some finnnnnne pussy that wanted a Thug Life happy ending. Should have told the bitch that Greedy didn’t get any for 6 months…

Episode 11 – Mandy Sweet: A predominant investor, Lee Bang, decided to give us a tour of our possible new house as a front for MILFs Like it Black. Who are we to say no to an offer. Everything was looking great until one of our appointments had to overlap.

Episode 12 – Moxxie Maddron: Moxxie the divorced housewife paid us a visit with a suitcase filled with a part of her alimony. All she wanted was to be a lifetime customer so she can randomly get big black cock shoveling her wet white pussy! We gave it to her good.

Stars: Nicki Hunter, Moxxie Maddron, Sarah Jessie, Vannah Sterling, Mandy Sweet, Raven Black, Deep Threat, Jason Brown, Lee Bang, Shane Diesel

Bumper To Bumper

Video: Bumper To Bumper

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Provocative Productions
Cum join Nikola, Veronika, Zuzana, Alexandra, Teresa, Suzana, Adrienn, Miloslava and Tereza in five scorching hot Sapphic scenes you have to see to believe! They all have one thing in common: they only have eyes for another woman! A seductive smile, roaming fingers and eager tongues are just some of the antics that these women employ to drive each other from one orgasmic climax after another! And they don’t stop until each pleasure point is lit up from “Bumper to Bumper”!

Stars: Alexandra, Nikola, Adrienn, Zuzana, Tereza, Suzana, Veronika, Teresa, Miloslava

Cougars & MILFs Craving Hard Dicks

Video: Cougars & MILFs Craving Hard Dicks

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Alex Romero
There’s nothing sexier than experience, and no one’s more experienced in the ways of fucking than these hot MILFs!! Watch these horny experienced ladies take that hard man meat and play with it like you never seen done before! These ladies know how to service their men, can you handle their wildness?

Stars: Sylvia Laurent, Jada Stevens, Cathy Heaven, Kayla Green, Dyana Hot, Nick Lang, George Uhl, Lauro Giotto, Sabby

Drenched By Desire

Video: Drenched By Desire

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Bizarre Video
Can you see their wet panties? Can you feel how wet their holes are getting just at the thought of sucking and fucking a hard dick? These wanton sluts and naked tramps are just waiting for you to take them and ravage them as you commit sexual depravities for hours and hours all over their willing bodies. They have never had it so good, or taken it so hard. So watch, or jump in, as they get used by their lovers and drain them to their last drop!

Stars: Blondie Fesser, Jasmine Webb, Milana Fox, Dominica Phoenix , Kid Jamaica, Franco, Mugur, Eric Hard

Obscene Wife Advent 53

Video: Obscene Wife Advent 53

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Sky High Entertainment
Starring the slender and very beautiful Misaki Yoshimura. Unfortunately she’s has just become a widow. Watch how Misaki gives up her sexy body to repay her late husband’s debt. Her hands are tied as her pussy is played with by the older man. Next the widow must endure sex with this man and he gives her creampie. Mrs. Yoshimura is blind folded and made to masturbate, and then she must blow all three older men. Last the widow has a threesome, having two cocks, she likes having one in her mouth and one in her pussy.

Stars: Misaki Yoshimura

Amelie Caned For Laziness

Video: Amelie Caned For Laziness

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Amelie is a pretty, young blonde, but she’s been incredibly lazy and unmotivated lately, so it’s up to her father to cane her and punish her for being lazy and a bum. After giving her bottom a few swift whacks with the cane, he pulls down her shorts to reveal a round, pantied bottom that is just aching to get caned! The lesson here – don’t be lazy or you’ll get your butt caned.

Stars: Amelie

Fake Agent Presents – Monica

Video: Fake Agent Presents - Monica

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Fake Agent
Monica is a sexy blonde who is looking to get some work that pays good money, and fast. She didn’t speak English very well so my assistant helped out with communicating with her. Turns out that she had done some work in the adult industry before but she recently had a baby so had to stop her job for a while. Now though she’s back and wants as much work as possible. I told her I got find her a lot of jobs if she was willing to show me her skills. She was very keen to impress and after she had a quick. — Fake Agent

Stars: Monica

Amateurs Exposed #624

Video: Amateurs Exposed #624

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EPR is back with yet another installment of their best “Amateurs Exposed”! In this episode they reveal a lovely, blushing blondie in a ponytail who is eager to take a good massage, but as always as it happens in adult film industry it’s a massage with a surprise, Big surprise! Watch this amateur girl do her best to please you, have in mind that younger they are harder they fuck!

Stars: Markus Tynai

Big Natural Tits Creampies

Video: Big Natural Tits Creampies

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Lethal Hardcore
Natasha Nice is a seductive French harlot with a banging 34D-27-37 figure and an insatiable urge to feel hot cum drip out of her tight little pussy. Natalie Starr a former Penthouse pet, was very happy to deep throat that cock before he pounded her pussy to orgasm and finished off with a warm creampie. Katy Jane is a horny one from merry old England with incredible 32E boobies the loves the feeling of a man blowing his load deep inside her cunt. Holy hooters Rachel Raxxx’s boobs are 30JJ’s and she’s only 18 years old. Wait till you watch her titty fuck in this interracial scene.

Stars: Natalia Starr, Rachel Raxxx, Natasha Nice, Katy Jane, Alex Legend

TS Seduction – 19yr Old Flawlessly Beautiful Transsexual Dom

Video: TS Seduction - 19yr Old Flawlessly Beautiful Transsexual Dom

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19yr old Flawlessly Beautiful Transsexual Dom in Part 2 of the League

Part 2 of “The League of Extraordinary Transsexuals” introduces nineteen year old stunning beauty, Nauana Lima. “The League” is a secret group of beautiful, transsexual women who are hired to punish men in ways they most fear – ass fucking, cum licking and complete loss of control. The women take no Nauana is absolutely vexxing to look at and ruthless as she tops her tied up man. She even does a switch scene and tops from the bottom while he fucks her until she cums. Nuana is a rare beauty who can twist and turn balls, drive her hard cock into her man’s ass and cum a nice bursting load that she rubs all over his face.

Stars: Raul Montana, Nauana Lima (Trans)

Big Tit Office Chicks

Video: Big Tit Office Chicks

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Devil’s Film
All work and no play make an unhappy and unproductive worker! How can you resist these giant tits in the office? She knows you’re looking and she likes it, all she needs is the right time to make her move! Time to clear the sexual tension in the office! Fucking in the office is so naughty, but it’s too damn hot!

Stars: Alena Croft, Alyssa Lynn, Quinn Quest , Brandi Bae, Marcus London, Tyler Nixon, T. Stone, Tommy Gunn

Cheerleader Stepdaughter Orgy

Video: Cheerleader Stepdaughter Orgy

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Third Degree
Horny cheerleaders get what they crave in this fuck fest featuring one of America’s favorite fantasy archetypes! Young and beautiful sluts take on pom-pom-loving stepdads who fill them up with hard cock! It’s a frenzied free-for-all orgy that really gives fans something to stand up and cheer about!

Stars: Cadence Lux, Alexa Grace , Abella Danger, Piper Perri, Harley Jade, Gina Valentina, Bill Bailey, Derrick Pierce, Mark Wood, Mick Blue, Marcus London

Driving Nude Makes Me Horny

Video: Driving Nude Makes Me Horny

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Naughty Allie

As you probably know, we went to Hawaii last week. While there we rented a Jeep to cruise around the island and have a little fun. On the last day of our trip we were out looking for a good place to go snorkeling when I got a little frisky with myself. The sun was intense and you know how I hate tan lines on my boobies so I just took my top off. Driving around in public with the sun teasing my titties made me very horny so I pulled over, took off my shorts, and proceeded to finger fuck myself to orgasm as people walked and drove right by the entire time I was getting myself off!

If you’re not an exhibitionist like me you may not understand how fucking horny it makes me when I get naked in public and there’s a chance or even likelihood of getting caught. I don’t know exactly how to explain it other than to say, there’s just something about having other people seeing me naked and getting naughty that makes me so fucking horny that I can hardly stand it. I get myself so worked up, almost into a state of sexual frenzy that can only be relieved by getting off. And of course once I start diddling myself in public then I get even hornier and when I finally cum it is incredibly intense.

I think at least a dozen people walked by and several cars drove by as I was “taking care of business” down there. Every time someone went by my pussy started to tingle even more than usual. I imagined one or more of them walking right up to the Jeep and asking if they could lend a hand or other appendage. It’s nearly impossible for me to resist a cock, even if it’s from a total stranger once I have myself all worked up into the state I was in at the time. I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it. Jake said it brings a whole new meaning to Jeeping topless! ~Kisses, Allie

Stars: Naughty Allie, Jake Chase

Fick Party – Fuck And Dance Vol. 26

Video: Fick Party - Fuck And Dance Vol. 26

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It’s party time again…Mega-Film presents the 26th volume to the series “Fick Party”. Two scenes and the first features two women who start off dancing and stripping and then the fucking begins. The ladies suck all the men’s dick in the room and they get fucked by all the men. They even sometimes get a cock in the mouth and one in the pussy at the same time. These women get a lot of jism, just wait and see what the brunette does. The second scene, she’s a petite blonde and she shows how hungry she is for cock in her mouth and tight pussy.

Stars: Nadine

Balloons Two: Busting Out!

Video: Balloons Two: Busting Out!

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Smoking Females
Get ready for some sexy girls to indulge their playful, yet sexual urges by busting out in “Balloon Two”! These sexy girls show off their sexy bodies while blowing up a variety of balloons only to pop them one by one. Smoking, whips, and even sploshing are just some of the wild antics these free-spirited babes employ – and it’s all in the name of having fun! So cum join the party and watch these babes pop like never before.

Stars: Talia East, Sidorah Vintner, Pagan West, Mike

Kylie Wilde Teen Jerk Off Encouragement Panty

Video: Kylie Wilde Teen Jerk Off Encouragement Panty

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Playtime Video

Hot bodied blonde sexpot Kylie Wilde asks “Are you a naughty boy who likes looking up girls skirts?” She lifts her little skirt to show you her pink satin bikini panties as she tells you to touch yourself. As she pumps her little fist onto her crotch. She slides off her skirt as she stands over you rubbing her pantied then naked snatch.

Next scene, Kylie wears her school uniform as she stands on the stairs giving you a great view of her white cotton bikini panties. She slings her leg over the banister and slaps that pantied ass coaxing you to stroke your cock for her. Legs spread; she mashes her pussy through the panties. “Do you want these feet to squeeze your cock?” as she offers them up under your nose. She strips then rubs her naked snatch.

Next, in all black, heels stockings, negligee and thong panties she slowly moves around on her bed doing what it takes to get you off. Panty tugging and a sensual strip show as does what it takes to get it done. Sweet nasty hottie, Yea!

Stars: Kylie Wilde

Extrem Girlies – Fickt Mich Wie Ihr Wollt…

Video: Extrem Girlies - Fickt Mich Wie Ihr Wollt...

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(Translated Title:” Extremely Girlies – Fuck Me Like You Will …”) Just because they’re cute girls next door doesn’t mean they’re not also filthy little sluts! Sweet little girlfriends explore their kinky sides with face fucking, threesomes, public sex, and all out gangbangs! They’re not innocent little girls anymore!

Lily Loves Missy

Video: Lily Loves Missy

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Missy Martinez visits Lily Cade for some lesbian fun. We love and know Lily Cade good enough to know what kind of fun is she up to… Sapphic sex! Beautiful, lesbian, hot action! Lily enjoys playing with Missy’s big boobs and wet pussy, flicking her nipples and hungrily sucking on her clit.

Stars: Missy Martinez, Lily Cade

Dark Paradise 4

Video: Dark Paradise 4

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Bizarre Video

Welcome to Paradise ladies and gentlemen where the dark rise and the naughty play! “Strap-on” tight, because this ride is about to get very hardcore. Real life footage of the dirtiest taboo fantasies, one on one and threesome fun! Can you handle your sluts being tied up, spit on, and scorched with candle wax? That’s what you will see in this male dominant female submissive series of stories.

Scene 1: Under Cruel Hands

Tigerr Benson is in a tight predicament that finds her bound naked with ropes over what looks like an antique piano bench. Her 36DD boobs are plumped up thanks to the ropes that snugly encircle them. Her pierced shaved pussy is presented helplessly to whatever shall penetrate it.
Cruel male hands come into the scene, pulling on her cunny lips, squeezing and tugging her nipples, penetrating her quim and mouth, and then pouring red candle wax all over her breasts. Tigerr can only gasp in a combination of pain mixed with the ecstasy of extreme sex as her torso, from tits to crotch, is covered by big drops of hot wax.
Later, it’s time for a portable, handheld fucking machine, the dildo of which is lubed up by Tigerr’s mouth and stuffed into her snatch. Turned over so that her butt is raised in the doggie position, our heroine is then banged by the machine in her asshole, and when she’s turned around onto her back once more, we see the bright pink of her pussy between her dark lips as the relentless mechanical cock continues to pound deep into her asshole.

Scene 2: Deviant Doctor Diaries

Deviant doctor Frank & Nurse Niki Sand examine young hot blonde Sabrina’s perfect pussy with fingering & toying, while spanking her ass wild.
For their further pleasure, they bind Sabrina to the exam table. There she gets her pussy and ass licked by latex nurse clad Niki. Afterward they both start sucking on deviant Dr Frank Gun’s cock & balls! The wild story finishes as Frank fucks Niki while she works on Sabrina’s pussy with a few medical instruments. Sabrina also fills her mouth with thick doctor cock and sucks him to a mouth filling orgasm. The two blonde babes do whatever their master wants them to do for the pleasure of all.

Scene 3: Hell to Pay

Lazy housemaid Athina is caught loafing on the job by her employer Brandy Smile, and there will be hell to pay in various delightful forms, Athina is in for a spanking followed by punitive cunnilingus, then more flogging on Athina’s fine cheeks. Mistress Brandy even spanks her maid’s soles. But the chastisement is not over by any means. Brandy gets naked only to put on a crotch harness complete with a red dildo! And her maid is going to learn the full extent of Brandy’s control when she is taken in her asshole with that shaft in the climax of this fetish XXX video.

Scene 4: Quenched Desire

Mea is a maid dressed in her skimpy maids outfit. While she is tottering around dusting and polishing she attracts the anal intentions of her two employers Mugur and David. They want her for more than housework and soon have her stripped down and busy tending to their rigid cocks instead of the duster. They have their way with her filling every hole simultaneously finally drenching her face in their cum.

Stars: Tigerr Benson, Brandy Smile, Niki Sands, Mea Melone , Athina, Sabrina H., David Perry, Frank Gun, Mugur

Anal Sex With A Stranger (French)

Video: Anal Sex With A Stranger (French)

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Marc Dorcel
Jentina and her husband Nick contacted Philippe to shoot their very first hardcore scene. Shirly, one of their girlfriends came along. Needless to say that Philippe enjoyed both filming the couple and fucking their friend. Later that day, he meets Jennifer, a very pretty girl with nice natural tits. What better thing than an anal session to end this perfect day?

Stars: Jennifer, Shirly Wild, Jentina, Nick, Philippe Soine