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Dangerous Feet Starring Lea Lexis And Kitty White

Video: Dangerous Feet Starring Lea Lexis And Kitty White

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If those boots were made for walking, then Lea’s feet were definitely made for humiliation! The dominating diva is back with her favorite slave Kitty White and she’s literally stepping all over the poor girl! Kitty tries to keep to herself, but with Lea around that’s next to impossible! She covers Kitty’s face with her dainty but dangerous feet, kicks her, steps on her and even tromps on her throat until she can barely breathe.

Stars: Lea Lexis, Kitty White


Video: Teachers

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Evasive Angles Entertainment
Evasive Teachers have a very special lesson plan for today! And the lesson for today is how to eat pussy! That’s right, the REAL truth is they cum twice as hard! Kahfee is an aggressive lady who actually will punch you in the face if you don’t listen and play with her pussy the way she wants! Semmie is actually forty-seven years old and has so much experience teaching that most men cum in five minutes! She has a pussy that grabs! Janet is the best beauty with a big ass. Her lips feel like velvet – she can deep throat and her pussy is fatter and wetter than fuck!

Stars: Kahfee, Semmie De Suora, Ayana Angel, Kelly Starr, Janet Jacme, Sky Jolie, Sinnamon Love, J. Strokes, Jon Q, Charlie Mac, Nathan Threat, Deep Threat

Seductress 43 – Good Timer

Video: Seductress 43 - Good Timer

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Number 43 from Seductress

The only hard times Babs ever has are those her lover gives her. She always knows how to make the most of them.

Stars: Susan Hart (i), Greg Rome

Closer And Closer

Video: Closer And Closer

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This scene named for the way the girls persistently attempt to get more and more intimate throughout the scene, the way they hold each other, the way they rub their bodies together, they simply can’t get any more into each other but still they try! Zuzana makes the first real move by grinding on top of Gina, still with panties on, the desire is rising and there are butterflies in Gina’s tummy. She slides a hand inside and can feel Gina is already wet; the entrance to her vagina is lightly lubricated and warmly invites Zuzana’s fingers inside. Zuzana pulls gina up on her lap so she can hold all of her and squeeze her tight. Only now does Zuzana peel off Gina’s sexy panties before burying her face in her crotch and playing her pussy like an instrument, expertly tonguing inside with her mouth locked tight around her lips and her hands on her stomach, feeling every twitch in response. After climaxing Gina is overwhelmed with feelings and instinctively reaches to repay Zuzana’s affections and pushes her hand inside her panties as they kiss. Gina now commits to pleasing her generous lover and afterwards Zuzana is so turned on it’s enough for her to just stimulate her clitoris.

Stars: Gina, Zuzana

BBW Lesbians #4

Video: BBW Lesbians #4

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MelonJuggler Productions
Once again more big beautiful women are served up bold and busty who love to eat pussy! In BBW Lesbians #4 these ladies need to satisfy their hunger for hot wet pink pussy and age is no barrier as young and cougar alike devours one another whole! All this and more as twelve busty “plumpers” do each other relentlessly while all viewers sit at home and stroke their meat and join them in a perfect orgasm.

Stars: Wendy Watkins , Meow 34 JJ, Lucy Love, Busty Libby, Shugar, Kore Goddess, Kandi Kobain, Leah Jayne, Dylan Devere, Honey Rox, Madison Blush, Danni Amour

Pussy On A Leash 1

Video: Pussy On A Leash 1

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7th Street Media
What’s better than having pussy on your stick? Pussy on a leash of course! Watch as Ameara LeVay, Nina, Janessa Jordan and Maya get their brains fucked out all while being dominated and maneuvered on leashes! These sexy girls take their time crawling over to the lucky dicks that await their sweet juices just waiting to be pulled and tugged and covered in cum.

Stars: Maya (ii), Nina, Ameara LeVay, Janessa Jordan, Phoenix (M), Troy, Matt, Phatzane

Flash Session

Video: Flash Session

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Lakeview Entertainment
Slave Sammy is eager to be dominated by the lovely Mistress Tangent and Mistress Severa! The dominating duo decides some cock and ball treatment is in the cards for this big fucker. He gazes lustfully at their beautiful bare natural breasts and long legs in sky high heels while they work on him. They string him up and tied his big balls up and get some nice clamps on him before they switch to humiliation and make him kiss their ass! Then he is gagged and made to go to his knees to endure their electrifying attentions. Next, the big, submissive brute is subjected to face-sitting as he jerks his tender cock until he spews a hot load of jizz in his own hand!

Stars: Mistress Tangent, Mistress Severa, Slave Sammy

Jessie Volt – Unchained French Starlet

Video: Jessie Volt - Unchained French Starlet

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DDF Productions
Jessie Volt is one of France’s most stunning and most popular starlets! And now is your opportunity to see her unchained and unleashed! This is a collection of some of Jessie’s most electric scenes to date! And Jessie has brought along some of her close friends like Blue Angel and Nesty! If you’re a fan of Jessie Volt, it’s obvious that you need to get this movie!

Stars: Blue Angel, Jessie Volt, Nesty, David Perry, Choky Ice, Mugur

Natural Obsessions 2 Vol. 3

Video: Natural Obsessions 2 Vol. 3

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Adult Source Media
Kumiko is a lonely widow whose heart has turned to stone. Every day she yearns for the heated sex romps she enjoyed with her husband. One day she meets Shoma; a man bent on seizing her honey pot to satisfy his perverseness. At first Kumiko is resistant to giving up the smoking hot body only one man has amply enjoyed, but her sexual appetite is too strong to stop her from feasting on her lustful desires.

Inside A Porn Star

Video: Inside A Porn Star

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Zero Tolerance Entertainment
What sane male hasn’t at least fantasized once about getting sexually intimate with a salacious adult star who knows how to pleasure a man better than any girl in the world? Most all have! Now’s the chance to make that dream cum true, with the hottest stars in XXX! Get balls deep into the movie where every hardcore scene gets you “Inside A Porn Star!”

Stars: Jessa Rhodes , Tiffany Tyler, Aaliyah Love, MadeLyn Monroe, Tyler Nixon, Will Powers

Street And Panty Pisser Starring Naomi

Video: Street And Panty Pisser Starring Naomi

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Pee Line Movies
Naomi is a pretty young girl with black hair, beautiful eyes, and an all natural girl with an incredible bubble butt. Watch her in wear different outfits and panties inside an abandon building. Naomi even goes outside the building so she can pee. This girl is very comfortable showing you how she pee’s either squatting or standing.

Stars: Naomi

Sloppy Head 6

Video: Sloppy Head 6

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Jonni Darkko
In ‘Sloppy Head 6′ director Jonni Darkko presents depraved, saliva and semen-slathered fellatios. Beauteous brunette Adriana Chechik drools into a martini glass and all over delicious body. A soaking, deep-throat suck job cascades gag slime all over his balls, and nasty Adriana swallows her viscous mess. After racy Latina beauty Luna Star swims nude in Jonni’s pool, Winston Burbank enjoys POV-style fellatio (with intense eye contact). Luna heavily greases her jugs and sucking mouth, and Jonni leaves her coated in heavy saliva. Blue-eyed brunette Misha Cross jams her hand down her throat, generating voluminous slobber that she gargles into a clear bowl. ‘Take another drink and I’ll fuck it out of your face,’ offers Jonni. Brown-eyed dirty blonde Nadia Styles greases Jonni’s cock and deep-throats him sloppy. Asian beauty Kalina Ryu shamelessly tongues Jonni’s bunghole; in a POV climax, she swallows the semen Jonni jacks onto her outstretched tongue and excited smile. Jonni mashes lush-lipped redhead Jessica Ryan’s tonsils and she provides foul-mouthed play-by-play commentary!

Scene 1: Glamorous brunette Adriana Chechik wears next to nothing over her tanned, natural-breasted body. She plays with her spit, drooling into a martini glass and smearing slobber all over herself. Director Jonni Darkko gets the messiest blow job: Soaking deep-throating makes gag spit flow all over his balls and into Adriana’s glass. She jams her hands in her throat, generating slick, viscous slobber she swallows back down. Jonni grips her hair for a serious face fuck, wrecking her make-up. She masturbates with a plug-in vibe and sucks dick in the spit-sloppiest possible way. When Jonni creams her face in a POV shot, she laps up the mess from her body and that dirty drink glass.

Scene 2: Racy Latina beauty Luna Star tries out her new bikini in her neighbor’s pool. Director Jonni Darkko’s gorgeous shots show her curvy, deeply tanned body cavorting in the water. Winston Burbank massages oil into her pretty skin, her naked breasts exciting his erection. She makes intense eye contact with the camera in a POV blow job and a spit-slick titty fuck. Luna gives him a furious hand job, with his dick head in her mouth. Deep throating makes spit flow. When Winston cum-blasts her mouth, Luna plays with the excess and slops it over her boobs. Luna heavily greases her jugs and body, even her sucking mouth, and gives the director slobber-soaked deep-throat fellatio. Jonni cums in her mouth and leaves her covered in heavy slime, which runs down her face.

Scene 3: Blue-eyed brunette Misha Cross, glamorous in a red and black lingerie ensemble, warms up her mouth with a big dildo, slobbering into a clear glass bowl and jamming her hand down her throat to generate gooey gag spit. Jonni Darkko grips her hair and fucks her face like a pussy; when Misha isn’t deep throating, she’s wallowing in thick trails of drool. Dirty Misha’s tongue extends to tickle Jonni’s scrotum as she sucks. She recycles voluminous slobber into the bowl, gargling it and drinking it back down. Jonni instructs, “Take another mouthful and I’ll fuck it out of your face.” Hanging upside down, spit spackles her lashes, and Jonni’s cum rolls from her mouth over her eyes to her forehead and hair.

Scene 4: Nadia Styles, a brown-eyed, dirty blonde beauty in hoop earrings, warms up sucking a dildo, spit dropping into her cleavage. She sucks director Jonni Darkko’s erection and laps his ball sac in a POV-style blow job. Hot Nadia greases his cock and deep-throats him sloppy; when she’s not stuffing dick to her tonsils, she’s slurping and playing in strands of slick spit. Slobber flows as she extends her tongue to his nuts in a face fuck. A POV shot shows her requesting Jonni’s cum on her face and receiving a thick, goopy facial shower that leaves our heroine a dirty, cum- and spit-slathered mess.

Scene 5: Hot in fluorescent lingerie and fishnets, Asian beauty Kalina Ryu spreads and lubes her holes for Jonni Darkko’s camera. She masturbates and both of them finger her pussy to deep, wide gaping. In a blow job shot POV-style, Kalina deep-throats dick, laps balls and digs her tongue in Jonni’s bunghole for a shameless rim job. As she performs oral favors, the adventurer drools and slobbers, messing her pretty face, her natural tits and entire body, plus the floor around her. For a POV climax, Jonni jacks jism onto Kalina’s outstretched tongue and excited smile, and the irrepressible slut swallows semen and spit.

Scene 6: Blue-eyed, lush-lipped redhead Jessica Ryan drools into a martini glass and all over her pale, white jugs, thickly coating them in slobber. In a blow job/two-hand job shot POV-style by director Jonni Darkko, nasty Jessica spit-slickens his dick and balls. Strands of slobber connect her mouth to his meat, and as Jessica slurps, her udders hang with nipples hard. Jonni fucks her face, mashing her tonsils with his dick head, and blasts her with a creamy cum facial. Throughout the scene, Jessica provides filthy play-by-play commentary. “Told you I was hungry,” says the spit- and sperm-splattered slut. “Tastes yummy, nice and salty.”

Stars: Jessica Ryan, Luna Star, Adriana Chechik, Misha Cross, Kalina Ryu, Nadia Styles, Jonni Darkko, Winston Burbank

Solitary Desires

Video: Solitary Desires

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Imagine being in a closet; watching from the perfect vantage point a beautiful young girl who comes in and slowly walks around her room. She then starts to undo the buttons on her silk dress, lets it drop to the floor and steps over it, revealing her pert nipples and curvaceous body. She climbs into bed and delicately starts to run her hand across her leg. It’s apparent to see from her face that she is getting flushed. She squeezes her breasts and lets out a gentle moan. It’s imperative to be quiet so as not to disturb her. She then starts touching and rubbing her pussy, then spreading her labia to reveal an engorged clit. She tickles and rubs her clit into frenzy, and has an orgasm right before your very eyes.

Stars: Priya, Alyssia, Chervana, Hayden (F), Iskra, Rosa, Saskia, Nichole, Leandra, Dewisandra

Do She Has What It Takes To Be A Pornstar 11

Video: Do She Has What It Takes To Be A Pornstar 11

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Nexx Level Productions
Does this ebony MILF have what it takes to make it in the raunchier side of show business? Probably not, but you can watch her give it her best shot in all of this clip’s raunchy, unvarnished amateur glory! She has the time of her life riding that big black cock in a seedy hotel room, her natural body gyrating away on top before she gets a big load of the white stuff on her trimmed snatch.

Real Adventures 175

Video: Real Adventures 175

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Why settle for girls gone wild when you can go on a Real Adventure with girls who live to show it all off whenever and wherever they can!? Cum join the fun with naked coeds willing to do it all from showing skin to win, wet T-shirt contests, booty shaking contests, close-ups, upskirt shots while the booty claps, club flashers, new cummers all to be topped off with a blonde beauty dildo dipping until she moans with her orgasm! It’s more hedonistic action than you can shake a dick at!

The Best Of Napali Video’s Classic Catfights Vol. 1 – Busty Brats At War!

Video: The Best Of Napali Video's Classic Catfights Vol. 1 - Busty Brats At War!

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Napali Video
With Busty Brats at war, men (and women alike) are now able to view some of the bustiest, beautiful Glamazon gladiators on film. If you’re the average man who loves beautiful women, get ready to enter a magic world that will quicken your pulse and make your heart beat faster. Sit back and enjoy four “Best of Napali” cat fight highlight segments featuring eight busty Superstars in a variety of exciting matches selected from the world famous library of over 500 titles. It’s exciting, woman-to-woman competition at it’s very best, starring hot models, top adult starlets and big-name exotic dancers in lusty brawls with hair pulling, slapping, gouging, wrestling, kissing duels, slow-mo boxing, and bulging boob fights – the wildest action in cat fight heaven!

Stars: Darla Crane, Ashlyn Gere, Danni Ashe, Ebony Ayes, Barocca, Joi Reno, Sana Fay, Shima

Fake Agent UK Presents Franki

Video: Fake Agent UK Presents Franki

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Fake Agent UK
Before I say anything else, this girl is a fucking loony, but she’s also fucking sexy. We are talking full blown looney tunes, Daffy duck, but ohh what a fuck! What Franki lacks in sensibility she strives in fuckability. The perfect MILF, slim, tall, perky tits and in her thirties. Like I said, MILF material. She tells me she’s had six kids, but I wouldn’t believe a single word that comes out of her filthy little mouth. So I tell her ‘it’s your turn to fuck me now’ so she say’s ‘I’ll get my rubber gloves and finger fuck you in the arse’. Not in this lifetime love, if anyone is going to have something stuck in their arse it’s you darling. Even though she’s in her (dirty) thirties boy has she got stamina, nearly wore me out, nearly! She really knows how to work the cock, anyway, that’s enough from me, and you enjoy the interview!

Stars: Franki

200% Kleidergeil

Video: 200% Kleidergeil

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Magma Film
Magma Film’s 200% Kleidergeil is one of the best flicks that we’ve seen out of Germany in ages! With absolutely gorgeous and natural models, studly guys, and sleek, modern scenery, this one is sure to get your cock hard and longing for a woman to bounce on top of it. Not going to lie, boys; this is totally a German movie that you can watch with your girlfriend and not render her absolutely terrified.

Stars: Susan Ayn, Samantha Joons, Bella, Angel Wicky, Jay-Pee, Thomas Lee, Denis Reed, Matt Ice

Magic Moments Presents Kylie Worthy

Video: Magic Moments Presents Kylie Worthy

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Magic Moments
We all know what Kylie Worthy is usually into…When she’s not sucking or getting fucked by a big black cock she’s within the confines of her living room pleasuring her seasoned kitty…We are granted three great scenes where she changes clothes, shows off her amazing body, and then brings out her trusty dildos to fuck herself properly!

Stars: Kylie Worthy

Sexy Streets Europe 24

Video: Sexy Streets Europe 24

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Kinky Europe Productions
Dana and Nicoletta are ready to strut their stuff as they take you on another tour of the Sexy Streets of Europe! The uninhibited Euro-babes prove they don’t have a shy bone in their bodies when they flash their tits and ass while posing for the camera! Topless sunbathing and a blow-job in the backseat of the car are just some of the raunchy acts these babes commit. But the real fun happens when they get to the park for a pussy pummeling, ass gaping threesome that can only lead to a facial dousing as a reward for a job well done!

Stars: Nicoletta, Dana (i)

New Faces New Places

Video: New Faces New Places

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Heatwave’s 1997 release “New Faces New Places” reintroduces viewers to some of their favorite starlets of the late 90’s/early aughts, when they were brand spanking new to the industry and fucking in their first scenes! These girls got right down to business, taking it up the butt no problemo. It’s obvious why these babes were stars!

Stars: Victoria Hill, Phaedra, Cassidy, Toni James, Shawna Edwards, Paul Coxxx, Scott Styles, Steve Drake

Fuck And Dance Party Vol. 4

Video: Fuck And Dance Party Vol. 4

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These German girls are hot, young, sexy…and love to be the center of attention! What better way to do that than to fuck and dance your way through a slew of hung and horny men?! They are willing to do whatever it takes to get as much cock and cream as they can get including: blow bangs, pussy licking, finger cuffing and much, much more to get the party popping just the way they like it! Watch them dance the night away and bounce from cock to cock until they get every last drop that they’ve been craving!

4 On 1 Gang Bangs Vol. 4

Video: 4 On 1 Gang Bangs Vol. 4

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Doghouse Digital
Wendy expresses that she’s a bit nervous for her first gang bang. But once her pussy gets eaten and she start’s sucking on more than one cock, this hottie is ready for a cock in every hole. Cover girl Klarisa Leone walks into the room and all the men are hot and horny over her. She can’t wait to be fucked by all these dicks and she does anally too and DP. Samantha Joons is in her pretty maid outfit and gets quite horny so she starts to masturbate. One of the workers invites himself in so he can take care of her. Before you know it the other guys come inside to have a piece of her ass and pussy.

Stars: Samantha Joons, Klarisa Leone, Wendy Moon, Figi, Neeo, George Uhl, Thomas Lee, Richy, Denis Reed, Andrea Moranty

Please Fuck My Ass 2

Video: Please Fuck My Ass 2

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Femdom Empire
Femdom Empire and popular director, Lexi Sindel are very excited to bring you the second installment of Please Fuck My Ass! This is the quintessential movie for Female on Male Anal fucking! You don’t want to miss out on these beautiful dom’s rocking a strap–on and fucking the asses of their male slaves! Featuring Gigi Allens, Valentina Nappi, Lexi Sindel and Tiffany Tyler!

Stars: Tiffany Tyler, Lexi Sindel, Valentina Nappi, Gigi Allens

Joe Bardo Triple Feature – Deep Roots

Video: Joe Bardo Triple Feature - Deep Roots

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Alpha Blue Archives
A Native American man rides his chopper bike off the reservation to L.A in search of the good life. Let’s just say he gets more than bargained for….which is a good thing! This movie features the amazing Anita Sands, a freckled bra busting redhead that ranks as one of the sexiest obscure starlets of all time!

Stars: Toni Bell, Liz Renay, Anita Sands, Debbie Love, Mary Swan, Jesse Adams, Jesse Chacan, Amazing Ricardo

3 Stunden Blowjob Alenteuer

Video: 3 Stunden Blowjob Alenteuer

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Their hungers are animalistic in nature and they won’t be satiated until they’ve drained every last drop of semen from the balls of every man in the room. They have no inhibitions about their sexual desires, and they simply will not be stopped; they’re Sperminators, and they won’t cease until they’ve finished their directives!

Meet Dakota

Video: Meet Dakota

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Digital Sin
Digital Sin Presents “Meet Dakota”. Starring Dakota Skye and featuring Adriana Chechik. Get up close and personal with Dakota Skye in 4 sexy scenes! Whether she’s getting pounded by 2 guys at the same time or enjoying some girl/girl action with Adriana Chechik, watch her do it all in this session of nonstop fucking. Don’t let her baby face fool you, because she’s hot and ready to fuck!

Stars: Adriana Chechik, Dakota Skye, James Deen, Xander Corvus

Farting Starring Emily

Video: Farting Starring Emily

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Hunterotic Brasil
This female has full-on flatulence. She’s got her asshole fully puckered and ready to unleash yet another wet, flappy explosion against her blonde submissive. She smushes her face against her ass and lets one loose, and has her use her tongue against her little hole in a pleasurable manner, and once again gives her another round of farting.

Stars: Emily

Big Tit Overload

Video: Big Tit Overload

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Evasive Angles Entertainment
Big jugs are something everyone can appreciate, especially when they are on a beautiful black woman! Cover girl comes Marie all the way from France. Check out her French moaning accent when she gets a 12′ dick all the way in her! Her tits are all natural and gigantic! Then we have Selita Bly, who is just eighteen and pretty much perfect! From her face to her butt to her dark silky skin to her big juicy tits!

Stars: Maserati, Camille Morgan, Selita Bly , Marie Leone, Sean Michaels, Wesley Pipes, Charlie Mac, Jon Jon

Teens Love Chocolate #4

Video: Teens Love Chocolate #4

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Sticky Studios
Khloe Kush who is the cover model can be watched in the first scene. She’s from Jersey and what a sweet ass she has. She takes on a big black cock. Nicole Banks masturbates before she gets a pounding on a big black dick. Ricki White loves that black chocolate too and loves the taste of warm jizz. Jersey Cummings sucks and gets fucked by the pool.

Stars: Ricki White, Jersey Cummings, Nicole Banks, Khloe Kush , Rico Strong

Panic Inn

Video: Panic Inn

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Pink Eiga
Yamashita and Keiko are very much in love. Yamashita works as a pharmaceutical sales agent, and is told to seduce the granddaughter of a hospital owner. He takes Reiko, the granddaughter, to a romantic hotel in the hopes of winning her heart, and the big sales account that comes with it. Keiko follows them, and as she witnesses her relationship fall to pieces, she decides to get revenge on her adulterous boyfriend. In this suspenseful panic drama, nobody will leave the hotel without a life changing experience!

Stars: Nanako Sakurazawa, Yumi Yoshyuki, Keisaku Kimura